10 Things That Guys Want Girls To Know

For this list, I interviewed 4 different guys, and this is what they came up with! Take a peek into the mind of a guy, and get a glimps of the kinds of things that they really, really wish that all girls knew! So, all you ladies out there, start taking notes!


Wear Less Makeup

Ladies; we all know that makeup is used to accentuate your beauty.  In reality, that should be it’s only everyday purpose.  Guys don’t find it attractive when a girl walks out in public looking like Bozo the Clown.  Makeup is a great way to help you look your best, but you’ll be surprised to know that many guys like seeing a girl just be herself, and wear minimal to no makeup at all.  Be yourself and don’t cover up!



Don’t pretend to like things that he likes.  If he’s into a sport that you don’t even know the rules of (yet), don’t pretend to be the biggest fan, and don’t go off and memorize a bunch of facts to spout off at the next game.  This also goes for bands.  Don’t change your taste in music to match his.  Learning the things he likes and developing a taste for them is much different than fronting that you liked them to begin with! An added extra is that if you try to understand the sports, music, video games he is into, it’s a major turn on.  Attempt to learn and care, but don’t attempt to be a fake fanatic. Don’t be so critical, and try to branch out and understand his interests sincerely! (side note: they know when you’re using a fake laugh, they’re just too lazy to admit it. So, be sincere in all situations.)


Eat On Dates

This is actually a more common one than I thought it would be.  Girls, guys don’t find you repulsive if you have an appetite.  When you’re on a date, it’s normal to be nervous, but don’t think he doesn’t want you to eat! Besides, it’s rude to make him eat alone, and a situation like that forces him to think that you aren’t comfortable around him. He knows you eat when he’s not there, he knows you’re human, and he wants you to be yourself.


Ugg boots are UGGly

The only time that you should be sporting these hideous excuses for footwear is when it’s really, really, really, ridiculously cold outside. Like, blizzard. Otherwise, there are many alternatives that are just as warm and better looking. You look dumpy when you wear them, so stop that.


Be Independent

Guys like a girl who isn’t clingy.  Be self-sufficient, and hold your own. You can’t expect him to take the wheel on every single aspect of your relationship.       Show your man that you can take care of yourself, and show initiative in your own life responsibly. You’re not going to scare him. He shouldn’t have to check up on you constantly, because you should be able to live your life with or without him.


You Don’t Need To Be Hairless

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t stop shaving. Please, continue to do that. However, guys know that you’re human too! Girls are under the impression that they have to be perfectly hairless all the time.  A little prickle here and there doesn’t freak them out.  If he’s a good guy, he’ll understand that you can’t spend your whole life shaving every last part of yourself, and he shouldn’t care so much!


Glasses Are A Good Thing

A lot of times, girls do not have perfect eyesight. That’s completely normal. However, what isn’t normal is the notion that the glasses must come off, the contacts must go in, and you should never be seen in them. No one wants to look like a poindexter, right? Well, contrary to popular belief, that’s not how guys see it at all! Most of them actually think that glasses make you look sophisticated and rather sexy.  Feel free to sport your cute glasses every now and then; you never know, your man might think it’s a major turn on.


Say No To Neons

If you can land an airplane with your outfit, chances are that it’s annoyingly blinding. Guys find that it makes girls look immature when they wear overly bright attire on a daily, casual basis.  Neon colors are something to be worn in moderation as accents (only if you really must). So, don’t go wearing your neon pink shirt with those tennis ball colored jeans.  Please, dress your age, because this isn’t the Limited Too anymore.


Grammar Correction

Admit it – you’re all guilty of this one. Don’t be a grammar Nazi! Girls usually have a huge problem with incorrect grammar in texts, which is totally understandable. However, again, if it’s your pet peeve, simply let him know so that he can try to pay attention to it. Doing this instead of being irritating and constantly getting onto him about it will not only most likely fix the situation, but allow for for a more comfortable constructive criticism.


Be Confident

Guys cannot stand it when a girl is constantly seeking affirmation that she is worth something.  Chances are, if your confidence is low, you should not pursue a relationship. Don’t be afraid to work on yourself. Not only for you, but also for him. The last thing that a guy wants to do is unknowingly enter a relationship like that. Make sure that he isn’t the only source of your self-worth.  Know who you are, and know what you are capable of! Confidence is key in any relationship.

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