Photographer/Visual Artist: Ina Lounguine


Ina Lounguine is a Ukrainian visual artist. She was born in 1993 in Odessa. Being the youngest child in a family of social activists and intellectuals, she has been raised with great curiosity and awareness. She graduated the Tavricheskaya Art School of Saint-Petersburg and just recently mastered in Esthetics and Culture at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts.

Ina’s body of work aims to trigger political and social debates and encourage dialogue. Using visual metaphors, she creates scenery for matters she wishes to bring attention to, such as racism, drug use, and gun violence Her current work, “The Price of a Black Life in America”, sprung to life when she spent several months in the United States right between the events happening in Ferguson and Baltimore.


Whether it is Ferguson, Baltimore or Oakland. Whether it is a mass murder perpetrated by a fanatical or recurring violence with impunity from police officers. From all the crises the USA has been creating and struggling to get away from, racism is by far the most obvious one and apparently the most widespread. Yet it is the elephant in the room. And it is no modern history, in a country with a past of brutal well spread slavery and which government officially ended public segregation only 41 years ago.


News keep breaking the same stories, repeating in a concerning loop as if massive media coverage could not bring awareness nor work law reinforcement. And there should be, nowadays, more than ever, as the African American community faces daily injustice and lives in constant social inequality.


This community is secluded primarily in precarious social conditions, suffering from stigma, and for the past years we have been witnessing with blinders on an outburst of racial crimes all across the country. History is made everyday and this is a dark chapter of Northern American History that doesn’t want to turn its page. In a country where anything beyond one’s imagination can be purchased, this corrupt, greedy, dysfunctional system shows everyday the price it puts on black lives.