Interview/Takeover with Fashion Photographer Nina Hawkins!

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Photography by Nina Hawkins
Hey! I’m Nina Hawkins, an Austin-based Russian-Vietnamese image-maker. My first date with fashion was in Moscow over 10 years ago, where I started as a model. I’ve been in love with imagery ever since, learning from Russia’s top professionals while progressing into my own path, creating still and moving images for publications across the globe such as Elle Vietnam, HUF USA, Kaltblut Germany, Creem Magazine and others.

In my art & commercial work I always seek to reveal an edge and a quirk, trying to think outside of the box and be attentive to every detail. I like to cast sharp, unconventional, and androgynous faces. For personal style think Rick Owens marrying Y-3 and adopting HBA, Creepy Clown Asia Dolls, Weirdo Nerd Chic, and Ghetto Princess.

My other areas of work and interest are filmmaking, fashion styling, experimental music, 3D and graphic design.

You can find my portfolio on my landing page of the website, there are best images and a fashion film reel:


1. What do you usually use to shoot your editorials? What do you prefer between film vs digital, pictures vs videos?
I shoot the editorials with my Canon 5D MKIII. I really love the quality and feel of film, but mostly use digital since it’s more convenient. I like capturing single frames, but I enjoy recording video as well. I also love mixing both by creating motion imagery.

2. Who’s your style icon at the moment?
I don’t think I have a style icon that I follow at the moment, but Ann Demeulemeester definitely always hits the spot for me. I also really enjoyed latest shows by Y/Project, HBA, Valentino, and Iris Van Herpen.

3. Where do you go to find inspiration for a shoot?
Usually the model is a big inspiration for me. I also find inspiration in architecture, fine art, fashion magazines, etc. ShowStudio and ANTWERP are also great sources.

4. Describe your aesthetic in two words.
Weirdo Chic

5. How do you continue to challenge yourself through your work?
Constantly trying to think outside the box and get out of my comfort zone, trying new techniques, and working with new faces. Taking on challenges by making something interesting out of something basic.

6. What’s your dream publication/website/brand to have your work displayed with?
AnOther Magazine, SCHON Magazine, Y-3, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Kenzo, HBA

7. Do you think your personal style is reflected in your styling work? Do you often pull from your own wardrobe?
Yes and yes. I have even styled a couple shoots with just my own wardrobe. But I usually prefer to have a stylist on set, which why I try to pick a stylist who is on the same page as me.

8. Many people are often torn between working a regular job or following their dreams/passions. What advice do you have for them? Was making the transition scary? Are you able to make a living off your work alone, or do you have a ‘side hustle’? 

I do commercial freelance photography and videography, music videos and portraits for musicians. I also do Virtual Staging – which is kind of 3D interior design. I really enjoy it and it helps me to learn more about lighting and 3D world. I would love to apply that knowledge to my art one day.


To see more from Nina, follow @anonmag to see behind the scenes photos from her photo shoot today!

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