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Marlon Williams' New Music Video "Vampire Again"

Marlon Williams’ New Music Video “Vampire Again”

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick   Despite channeling his idea during a crisp Halloween night in Los Angeles, Marlon Williams‘ latest music video for “Vampire Again” feels entirely welcome at any time of the year.  Having released his debut record off Dead Oceans in early 2016, New Zealand’s singer/songwriter Williams paints an aurally infectious and humorous...
Calling Out - EZTV

Calling Out – EZTV

  Here we have the number one album of summer. Not THE summer… just summer. If a single season can have a soundtrack, this is it.   Color me impressed as hell with this debut by Brooklyn trio EZTV. Who do I hear behind this band? I find Dire Straits in their riffs. Seriously, these...
Sneak Peak: Small Black's "Boys Life"

Sneak Peak: Small Black’s “Boys Life”

  Brooklyn-based band Small Black will release their new album, Best Blues, on October 16th. A ten track album revolving around the concept of memories and loss, Best Blues is “an attempt to re-examine the past, but also one to let it go.” Amidst the many items lost and discovered by singer Josh Hayden Kolenik...
Jacco Gardner's "Hypnophobia" Review

Jacco Gardner’s “Hypnophobia” Review

  From the moment I began Jacco Gardner’s new single ‘Hypnophobia’, I immediately felt as if I had been transported to a different time and place.  In this psychosis, I am wearing a dashiki and bobbing my head to new sounds being played over the radio. Except, this is 2015, and Jacco Gardner’s new single...
Wand's "Golem" Album Review

Wand’s “Golem” Album Review

  Wand is pretty cool. Their name is kind of light and confusing until you hear their music and the image of a heavy metal space wizard popped into my head and it all made sense. They remind me a lot of Meatbodies, which is good, but slower and heavier. Psychedelic rock seems like it’s...
Prinzhorn Dance School's "Reign" Review

Prinzhorn Dance School’s “Reign” Review

  In Cambridge, Massachusetts there exists a club called TT the Bear’s Place. On Saturday nights this strange little hole in the wall is home to literally the best thing ever: new wave dance music, primarily from the 80’s. I spent some of my best Boston nights raving to remixes of Iggy Pop, the Cure,...
Album Review: Lady Lamb's "After"

Album Review: Lady Lamb’s “After”

  For Lady Lamb (real name, Aly Spaltro), her sophomore album After is about growing up, seeing the positives, and moving forward. When Spaltro released her debut album Ripely Pine, she was going by the name Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and writing about pain and young sadness.  She may still write about pain but she’s...
Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Multi-Love"

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Multi-Love”

  Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new album, Multi-Love, set to be released on May 26th, has already garnered much positive attention. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson concocts a new spin on love – what happens with three individuals join together and the complications that inevitably ensue. Nielson aims to create a sound he can call his...
Advance Review: Iceage's 'Plowing Into the Field of Love'

Advance Review: Iceage’s ‘Plowing Into the Field of Love’

  Excitement has been rapidly building leading into the release of Plowing Into The Field Of Love, the bold and forceful third album by Copenhagen’s Iceage. After sharing four distinct songs (three of which were named “Best New Track” by Pitchfork, all of which were lauded by The FADER and many other respected outlets) off...
Album Review: Ty Segall's 'Manipulator'

Album Review: Ty Segall’s ‘Manipulator’

It comes without surprise that Ty Segall’s newest album, “Manipulator”, is seventeen tracks of amazingness. However, this new record doesn’t progress how you would expect a Ty Segall record to progress, Segall is stepping into new territory with almost every song. From the beautiful string section featured in “The Clock” to the driving synthesizers of...
One for the Jokesters: Tim & Eric

One for the Jokesters: Tim & Eric

If you’ve ever seen Tim and Eric (the duo of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim) live, you are already aware these two know how to put on a performance – complete with singing, dancing, and all sorts of other Tim and Eric-isms. If you haven’t experienced the comedic force behind Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (and the soon-to-be-unleashed Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories) in person, well, you’ve obviously missed out on some key moments in...
Ty Segall Presents: Manipulator

Ty Segall Presents: Manipulator

THE SEGALL HAS LANDED. And it’s fully loaded with everything that Ty Segall (and you and me) are gonna need in the world to come. Sticking his hand deeper into the machines all around him, Ty is reaching ever further to the outer limits of inner space orbited throughout Twins and Sleeper. And now more than ever, the chunks of...

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