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Video Premier: Crocodile Tears - "Tuned Out"

Video Premier: Crocodile Tears – “Tuned Out”

Crocodile Tears make date music for the blank generation, cruising music for the down and outs,  and are about as safe as good rock n roll can get. If this were 1980 they would rule the world.
Willy Vanilla - "American Neck"

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck”

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck” By Jay Armstrong Willy Vanilla’s American Neck is lighthearted as hell. If only talent were allowed to speak in a space devoid of ego-maniacal ambitions more often. Every song has its own spine, its own strut. These guys aren’t trying to force an angle or end result. They don’t fall...
Trouble Boys: Bigger Than The Both Of Us

Trouble Boys: Bigger Than The Both Of Us

Trouble Boys Bigger Than the Both of Us By Jay Armstrong In my own living room, as I’m hitting stride on some puffed chest ego stroking story about kicking dust with Cheetah Chrome and Bobby Liebling on some otherwise forgettable night of recent past, a friend interrupts asking “who are they? Should I know them?”...
Natural Child: Still Ain't Stoppin'

Natural Child: Still Ain’t Stoppin’

Natural Child's latest album Okey Dokey doesn't just grow on you, it creates an insatiable thirst to devour it song for song on repeat.

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