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Album Review: Teenage Cavegirl - Candy Cigarettes

Album Review: Teenage Cavegirl – Candy Cigarettes

...both sides of this record are natural unique cohesive noise; it did not come by accident. When Teenage Cavegirl someday find themselves listed in the annals of that which kept the dream alive in those back-building years of Austin, remember to remind your kids they did not get there by accident, they earned it, Candy...
New Video: Teenage Cavegirl - "Space Girl"

New Video: Teenage Cavegirl – “Space Girl”

Jesus Christ, someone send this video to every confused twelve year old before they mistakenly subscribe to Guitar World and start off down that disappointing path of Incubus respect which somehow leads to Steve Vai. There is room in this town for every facet of cool but if you are going to try, you...

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