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This Is Sloane: Collection 6

This Is Sloane: Collection 6

Photographer: Sloane Lenz Wardrobe + Styling: Sloane Lenz Location: Paula and Raiford’s Disco in Memphis, TN Models: Feliz Lenz || Grace Lee || Anissa McHenry || Jen Hall Burris || Morgan Prewett || Dimple Kumar || Lola   This shoot was for my most recent collection, ‘Collection 6’. ‘Collection 6’ is what you’d get if...
Watch Out... Sloane Lenz Is Taking Over!

Watch Out… Sloane Lenz Is Taking Over!

Carrie Bickley (Calliope Musicals) shot by Thom Washburn wearing This Is Sloane Sloane Lenz is a 21 year old avant-garde fashion designer living in Austin, TX. Growing up mostly in the rural town of Athens, Texas, she began creating unusual pieces for herself to wear, made from materials she could source at her local hardware...

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