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"Air Supply" || ahem

“Air Supply” || ahem

Photo: Taylor Donskey   After a two year hiatus, Minneapolis trio ahem is back with an upcoming EP, Chutes and Ladders, due June 22nd on Forged Artifacts. An energetic five track record just in time to pair with the optimism of the coming summer, ahem draws forth an underground punk spirit with infectious power pop...
An Answer For Us All: Sweet Spirit's "The Power"

An Answer For Us All: Sweet Spirit’s “The Power”

Photography by David Brendan Hall   Amidst the saturation of bands and fledgling acts cropping up in Austin, Texas, it’s not often that a group seizes the spotlight and successfully continues to hone in on a committed and growing audience. Initially formed as a solo project, vocalist Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog, Glad Girls) started...
Music Video Premiere: Zachman's "Your World Cuts Into Mine"

Music Video Premiere: Zachman’s “Your World Cuts Into Mine”

Photo by Roger Ho   With a meticulous eye for creativity, Austin’s psychedelic/rock band Zachman has forged a musical project both personal and accessible. Already garnering attention from the likes of BrooklynVegan, Ovrld and Do512, Zachman is composed of a written and aural storyline by Johnny Zachman entitled I Was Getting On a Plane. With...
Mikey & the Drags' Single Premiere: "Be Your Man"

Mikey & the Drags’ Single Premiere: “Be Your Man”

Artwork by ANON Magazine’s Becky Bacsik    As much as nostalgic retro throwbacks to 60’s garage rock ‘n’ roll have become a theme, Mikey and the Drags pulls it off in the most sincere and gratifying way. Recording and mixing their last album, Make You Mine, with Steve Christensen, the band infuses garage rock and...
Bands On Our Radar: The Two Lips

Bands On Our Radar: The Two Lips

There’s been an influx of some extremely talented, up and coming bands pouring in from San Marcos, Texas. Fuzz garage-rock trio The Two Lips caught our eyes (and ears) after witnessing their work with Spoon’s very own Britt Daniels for their new single, “Repeat”. The opportunity arose during this year’s SXSW Festival where they had...
Band Spotlight: Common Velvet

Band Spotlight: Common Velvet

Photo by Candice Quarnstrom   In light of the growing trend of psychedelic and electronic music, Austin-based band Common Velvet veers off in their own psych-pop filled path, creating infectious gems complete with silky vocals courtesy of front-woman Lauren Sanders. Sanders wrote and recorded demos before fully forming the band, now consisting of Andrew Orsak...
The Besnard Lakes' Single "Golden Lion" Is Shimmery Seduction

The Besnard Lakes’ Single “Golden Lion” Is Shimmery Seduction

  The Besnard Lakes are not one to downplay epic sweeping and soaring soundscapes – based out of Montreal, Canada, the band gained roots in 2003 and have been gracing their audience with bold orchestrations ever since. Their sound emerges in a similar vein to post-rockers Godspeed You! Black Emperor, tailored with falsetto croons and...
Jacco Gardner's "Hypnophobia" Review

Jacco Gardner’s “Hypnophobia” Review

  From the moment I began Jacco Gardner’s new single ‘Hypnophobia’, I immediately felt as if I had been transported to a different time and place.  In this psychosis, I am wearing a dashiki and bobbing my head to new sounds being played over the radio. Except, this is 2015, and Jacco Gardner’s new single...
Single Review: Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren's "Fiend"

Single Review: Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren’s “Fiend”

  In general, I don’t care for electronic music. But every now and then I’m enticed by the dramatic drops, distorted vocals, and hauntingly catchy beats that define some of today’s better electro-pop. Troy Samuela and Monsoonsiren’s freaky-awesome “Fiend” is one such example – and I can’t get it out of my head. “Fiend” is...
Messages' "Sunshine" Video and Single Release Party

Messages’ “Sunshine” Video and Single Release Party

  If you’re hanging out in Austin this Friday with nothing to do I have plans for you: Messages is dropping their single and video, “Sunshine” at Lambert’s at 9:30pm. You’re welcome.   Formerly Mighty Mountain, Messages has transformed with new members and a new and changed sound. As a result, they are releasing a...
Valentine's Gifts for US.

Valentine’s Gifts for US.

Typically, in the U.S. we see Valentine’s as yet another holiday to buy your significant other a gift (as if birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries weren’t enough). Most people even see it as a day where just girls expect gifts and romance and all that garb. It’s a holiday for your girlfriend, right? To celebrate how...
The Art Of Moving On

The Art Of Moving On

It’s Sunday afternoon, or morning for you, as you are just waking up after a long night of partying and drinking your heartbreak away. You drag yourself out of bed, drink about a gallon of water, and swallow some Tylenol to get rid of your killer headache. You check your phone, and embarrassingly read a total...

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