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Up & Coming: Heaven Starr

Up & Coming: Heaven Starr

Photo: Colin Sussingham   Heaven Starr is a model and muse currently residing in Austin, TX. She travels back to New York every so often for modeling and is also working on her upcoming project, Chiquita Magazine. Chiquita Magazine primarily focuses on embracing the natural and powerful individuality of women. Heaven’s Instagram || Chiquita’s Instagram...
Valentine's Day Anonymous Q+A

Valentine’s Day Anonymous Q+A

    A: What’s your favorite thing about me? T: I can’t name just one! I love how dedicated and committed you are, your sense of humor and the funny voices you make, how you’re always open to trying new things, as well as how caring and affectionate you are. You also rank up there...
Derek M. Ballard in a Post Erotic World

Derek M. Ballard in a Post Erotic World

Derek M. Ballard is a cartoonist with an unmistakable style that blends geometric shapes and strange sexual imagery. His art is beautiful, disruptive, yet unsettling and different. In other words, he is absolutely everything the underground comix scene has represented since their conception. Currently residing in Gainsville, Florida, Ballard creates title cards and storyboards for...
Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

For some of you, sex may be a new thing you’re trying out lately, and that’s cool. But for those of you who have been at it for awhile, you probably know that sometimes it can get dull. So, in order to keep your sex spicy like your personality (yeah? yeah.), here’s some of my...
Diary Of A College Girl: What Is Waiting?

Diary Of A College Girl: What Is Waiting?

As a child, I was always taught that sex was completely off limits for people who were not married. I couldn’t argue with that, because I was 6 years old, and what did I know about sex? As I got older, I started watching more Lifetime movies and saw The Notebook for the first time, and...

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