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Bitchin' Babes: Thelma and Louise

Bitchin’ Babes: Thelma and Louise

This summer’s fashion is focused around being one bad bitch, am I wrong? With dozens of rebellious street wear brands emerging, acid wash making a come back, and that rockin’ attitude you’ve got at it’s fullest, this look is easier than your aunt Suzi at a New Year’s party. With that said, find your self...
Summer Menswear: Prints and Pastels

Summer Menswear: Prints and Pastels

    Here at ANON we tend to neglect men’s fashion from time to time. Okay, all the time… and we would like to make up for that. But it’s summertime, so instead of wearing Chubbies and a pastel sorority event t-shirt, consider buying something that the ladies will actually dig. We know that some...
Pretty In Pink: Duckie

Pretty In Pink: Duckie

There’s no doubt that most guys these days haven’t seen Pretty In Pink – it’s a given. But let me tell you, before you begin to call it a ‘stupid chick-flick,’ take a moment to watch it and admire the attire. The movie is set in the 1980’s starting Molly Ringwald (Andie) and Jon Cryer...
Spring's Grunge Gal

Spring’s Grunge Gal

Don’t put away your darks just yet! Yes, I know that it’s spring, and you’re pulling out your box of bright colored spring clothing and putting away the dark winter clothes, but hold on! This spring season is a time for something a little new – a dark wardrobe with a pop of color. Pastel...

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