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Emotional Response Records' Typical Girls Vol 3 & 4: Couteau Latex's "Colere Vide"

Emotional Response Records’ Typical Girls Vol 3 & 4: Couteau Latex’s “Colere Vide”

  Confronted with the saturation of male-dominated voices in the punk and hardcore scene, Typical Girls aims to subvert that stereotype with fresh sounds that might otherwise go unheard of. A wink and nod to the Slits, Typical Girls celebrates all that is totally untypical and highlights a vast number of femme-sounds and experiences. A...
Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

  Ali Wagner – Going Down Midnight Opera – Hounds at Sunset Très Oui – Séance Fishboy – Researching Writer Kyoto Lo-Fi – Godot Chief Perch – Jupiter Ellis Redon – Dreamers Michael Parallax – Get Destroyed  
Ex-Yu War Time ... A Day in the Life

Ex-Yu War Time … A Day in the Life

Photographer: Aleksandar “Alex The Great” Gligoric ( Instagram ) Stylist: Srdjan Sveljo Model: Marino “Neprilagodjeni” Milicevic                  
Burger Records SXSW Hangover Fest V

Burger Records SXSW Hangover Fest V

    We’re all aware how chaotic SXSW can be; with all the day and night parties, free tacos and beer, never enough coffee, and an endless amount of bands to revel in, the idea of a hangover party sounds mighty appealing. Come Sunday, March 19th, Burger Records is celebrating their fifth Hangover Fest at...
Sailor Poon's Yeast Pigeon 7" Release

Sailor Poon’s Yeast Pigeon 7″ Release

  For those of you looking to get into some trouble pre-weekend, Sailor Poon is bringing you a party to end all parties tomorrow night at The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX. The all-girl punk/garage-rock posse are releasing their latest 7″, recorded by Travis Beall at Sweetheart Studios in Austin, TX. Featuring a...
Bands On Our Radar: Paper Spook

Bands On Our Radar: Paper Spook

  Just like kicking back with your old friend, Berlin-based duo Paper Spook like to indulge in cheap wine, fatty tofu burgers, and lots of terrible guilty pleasure TV shows. The band started playing together in 2015 and have already landed themselves a second EP entitled “Teenage Nightmare”, set to be released both digitally and...
SXSW Music: An Interview with Emily Nokes of Tacocat

SXSW Music: An Interview with Emily Nokes of Tacocat

  Upon listening to Tacocat, you can’t help but dance and groove along to their energetic power pop-punk tunes. Self described as “feminist sci-fi”, Tacocat’s quirky melodies and tongue in cheek feminist lyrics were a breath of fresh air last week at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Vocalist Emily Nokes took a moment to answer some...
Le Butcherettes Takeover!

Le Butcherettes Takeover!

  Teresa Suárez, better known as Teri Gender Bender and front-woman of Le Butcherettes, spent her former years growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she witnessed the violent and misogynistic treatment of women first-hand. The balancing act of chaos and corruption tied together with the peacefully religious in her community allowed her to always consider...
Broken Guru's Bent Up Halo is Garage Psychedelia Meets Punk Attitude

Broken Guru’s Bent Up Halo is Garage Psychedelia Meets Punk Attitude

  Broken Guru’s sound can best be described as raw garage rock meets psychedelia with a wholehearted punk attitude in the mix. Life-long friends from New York, Rich Guerzon, Chrisy Fiero and Ray Fiero spurred the birth of Broken Guru back in the spring of 2013 and what resulted was a coherent honest mess of...
Death's N.E.W. Review

Death’s N.E.W. Review

  If you haven’t already heard of Death YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT.  These guys are living music dinosaurs that made one of the best punk albums I’ve ever heard like 40 years ago that went undiscovered until 2008.  You can almost imagine these three black guys rising from the music graveyard of forgotten...
A Touch of Glam

A Touch of Glam

Photographer : Winnie Baum Make-Up Artist : Lisa Pendl Alternative Model : Rosa Wagner Wardrobe : · Black Leather Dress and Bra by MIU MIU · Leather Boots by Nordstrom · Pants and Shorts by ZARA · Bracelets by MANGO · Waist belt by Coccinelle · Necklace by Echter     You can find more...
Chicago's Riot Fest

Chicago’s Riot Fest

Day 1: Once upon a time, Riot Fest Chicago turned into a swamp and alligators and babies covered in mud were found in mosh pits. Just kidding. If there was one word to describe this day it’d be miserable. The line up was sick as could be. But the mud – if I never see...

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