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Endless 90's

Endless 90’s

Photographer: Jan Wasiuchnik ( Instagram ) Model: Daria Zhalina via A S Management Warsaw ( Instagram ) Stylist: Zhenia Gerus ( Instagram ) Makeup Artist: Nastya Redchyts ( Instagram )    Wasiuchnik’s aim was to keep “Endless 90’s” in the raw aesthetics of former Soviet Union time. All clothing used in this photoshoot is a...
Music Video Premiere: River Jones' "Radio Waves"

Music Video Premiere: River Jones’ “Radio Waves”

  Austin, Texas’ very own River Jones has a knack of pleasantly surprising us every now and then with his incredibly unique and personal solo project after periods of pensively working hard at his craft. Contrary to his previous work we’ve featured, Jones’ music video for “Radio Waves” is a more spirited and optimistic track,...
Lessons Learned: A Little More Personal

Lessons Learned: A Little More Personal

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my 19, going on 20, years of life on this beloved planet, it’s that there are some lessons that only your mistakes can teach you. Since I was young girl, I craved affection from the opposite sex. It might have been because of my daddy issues, or it...

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