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Free Free Dom Dom's "FFDD"

Free Free Dom Dom’s “FFDD”

Based in Berlin, Germany, Free Free Dom Dom is a duo project that emerged in October 2015 under the monikers of Little Voice (vocals/composition) and Philippe Duval (vocals/production). With their unique band name stemming from Japanese inflections, Free Free Dom Dom strive to follow their own musical path and radiate an open-minded attitude.   While...
Intimacy and Distance: Photography by Ophelie Rondeau

Intimacy and Distance: Photography by Ophelie Rondeau

Ophelie Rondeau is a French self-taught film photographer from Paris, currently living and working in London. Six months ago she started shooting girls on film as a way to capture her perception of friendship, love, and natural beauty in girls she meets, based on the concept of repetition. She finds beauty in every individual and...

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