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Endless 90's

Endless 90’s

Photographer: Jan Wasiuchnik ( Instagram ) Model: Daria Zhalina via A S Management Warsaw ( Instagram ) Stylist: Zhenia Gerus ( Instagram ) Makeup Artist: Nastya Redchyts ( Instagram )    Wasiuchnik’s aim was to keep “Endless 90’s” in the raw aesthetics of former Soviet Union time. All clothing used in this photoshoot is a...
Seashells: A Short in Beauty and Nostalgia

Seashells: A Short in Beauty and Nostalgia

  Although no one’s experience is identical to another, I think we can all agree that growing up is hella weird. And sometimes sad, embarrassing, and confusing. But in looking back upon the saddest, most embarrassing, and most confusing times, you realize that these once Earth-shattering moments are really just blips in a life that...

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