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Drab Majesty Takeover!

Drab Majesty Takeover!

  Going by the persona of Deb Demure, Drab Majesty is an infusion of dark wave mystery and shoegaze ethereality. Based in Los Angeles, Drab Majesty recently released her/his latest album, Careless, on Dais Records in June of this year. Andrew Clinco created Drab Majesty’s overall aesthetic and character in 2012, freeing the audience and...
Prinzhorn Dance School's "Reign" Review

Prinzhorn Dance School’s “Reign” Review

  In Cambridge, Massachusetts there exists a club called TT the Bear’s Place. On Saturday nights this strange little hole in the wall is home to literally the best thing ever: new wave dance music, primarily from the 80’s. I spent some of my best Boston nights raving to remixes of Iggy Pop, the Cure,...
Omega Vague's 'Reveries'

Omega Vague’s ‘Reveries’

  Seems like everyone and their grandma is a musician these days. In a world of beats made on laptops and “help me record my debut album!” Kickstarters, it’s easy to miss truly good self-recorded/produced music while you’re trying to avoid all the “experimental” garbage out there. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty solid homemade-ish album...

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