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NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Christine Renner - "Drown"

NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Christine Renner – “Drown”

Christine Renner's bold in broken places sentimental pop warmly spins the experience in the omnipresent naivety of youth while maintaining integrity worthy of introspective appreciation. Renner is an idealist shaping inflected lyrics into rich ambiguous lingering dream monuments to greater truths and devastating defeats, no truer is this statement than with her new single "Drown."...
NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: The Dead Coats - "Forsake My Name"

NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: The Dead Coats – “Forsake My Name”

Big things are on the way for The Dead Coats. This album will be as valid to where they are headed as all the wild shows and two great releases which came before it. No more and no less. After three years of digging this band, we are excited to bring you the first track...
New Video: Casey Seymour - "Installations"

New Video: Casey Seymour – “Installations”

No one should be surprised by the well-deserved hype going Casey Seymour's way as the tickled ear smile crosses those first listening through his Hidden Hills EP. All that nice-guys-finish-last propaganda is simply not true; good people surface slowly with namasteic wholesome warmth so as to be less dramatic in how they get there is...
Singled Out: ISS - "Too Punk For Heavy Metal"

Singled Out: ISS – “Too Punk For Heavy Metal”

Singled Out ISS – “Too Punk For Heavy Metal” by Jay Armstrong There are maybe four bands giving me feels beyond pacified as of late. ISS are one of them. Working on the review for the new Spits album, this forty-five  Total Punk Records put out in June is what I find myself playing on...
New Video: Loteria - "Rhythm Revue"

New Video: Loteria – “Rhythm Revue”

For those who might be unfamiliar; when someone says "Austin music," either with acute awareness or down on the collective subconscious level, they are talking about Loteria. 
Mixtape Monday: Incorruptible Deconstruction

Mixtape Monday: Incorruptible Deconstruction

Mixtape Monday: Incorruptible Deconstruction Comet Gain | Baby Jesus | The Schizophrenics | Meat Belt | The Lindas | The Milkshakes | Special Interest | Empty Markets | Liquids | Boing Boing | Lyres | Skegss | The Premonitions | Shadow Show | Spice | Les Posters | The Naysayers | Fossil Arm
New Music: Blue Jean Queen

New Music: Blue Jean Queen

Is anyone else over completely the perpetual reminders that Rockyanne Bullwinkle is perfect?
New Music: Kay Odyssey - "No Birds Sing"

New Music: Kay Odyssey – “No Birds Sing”

So maybe you were thinking this mood to put on some Mazzy Star in your search for self-motivation while floating across the sea of emotional confusion called for something more of the moment; escapist memories made attached to something of your own. Kay Odyssey cries out from the wilderness for you to do just that—near...
New Music Video: The Sour Notes - "Peak"

New Music Video: The Sour Notes – “Peak”

The Sour Notes continue earning believers with their heads down and hearts full. Their latest single"Peak" has a warmly fitting video directed by everyone's favorite familiar face Matzoh Ball to go with it, sending home completely the Slanted and Enchanted post-Go-Betweens aesthetic they have embodied since moment one. For all those thirsty for the beautifully...
New Music: Country Legend Roky Moon - "Choo Choo"

New Music: Country Legend Roky Moon – “Choo Choo”

It seemed impossible to love Roky Moon any more than we already did. We were wrong.
New Music Video: Lo Country - "Black Cloud"

New Music Video: Lo Country – “Black Cloud”

Lo Country have been keeping their heads down for far too long, this first bite out of their upcoming full-length definitely has us interested. Then again, anyone who has spent ten minutes around Lo Country in the flesh already knows they are about the nicest buncha dropouts you could kick dirt with which should already...
New Single: Cafe Racer - "Faces"

New Single: Cafe Racer – “Faces”

Like digging boxes out of the closet and finding that leather jacket we thought lost all winter, slipping this one on makes for a good walk around the block with the cool comfort of familiarity. One can imagine "Faces" representing the band turning down the sheets for us to climb into bed with them; I...
New Single: Dan Rico - "Let's Go Back"

New Single: Dan Rico – “Let’s Go Back”

With now expected minimalist poetic prose Dan Rico matches his words this go 'round with bare lain instrumentation to deliver a personal yet all encompassing expression of the social societal malaise and the personal regret of the wasted fingertip bygone days to give us on "Let's Go Back" an all in togetherness Stand By Me...
New Music: Tacocat - "Hologram"

New Music: Tacocat – “Hologram”

"Hologram" speaks to how our vantage point in life changes inescapably with time while the results of the finite feeling beneath it all remains the conclusion regardless of our ever shifting inner-zeitgeist. We find as the song develops the message to be solace found by accepting the idea of being ineffectual or complacent as largely...
One For The Dreamers: Woman's Hour

One For The Dreamers: Woman’s Hour

Indie music in today’s culture has gained recognition as well as popularity from music lovers abroad. From the average teen turned Grammy winner Lorde, to the stylistic edge of The 1975, there’s no denying it’s a genre to watch. But one band, London-based Woman’s Hour, has turned the tables on what we see as top...
Get To Know Them: Olivver

Get To Know Them: Olivver

Since starting his solo career, Bryan Sammis has been busy creating unique, soulful, and hauntingly beautiful music under the artist name Olivver.  He recently released his first music video for the song “Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People),” and we had the chance to talk to him about his music, his creative process, his new clothing...
Mixtape Radar: M.

Mixtape Radar: M.

M. just released the second edition of his monthly mixtape series titled, “Where Am I” Volume 2. It features some funky remixes he found digging around and some new tunes from the homies. Live edits and production incorporated by M. himself! Feel free to play it during your BBQ’s or warm ups for your evening...
Get To Know Them: Naomi Punk

Get To Know Them: Naomi Punk

Naomi Punk’s music is simple but crazy, it’s both light and heavy on your ears, and it represents what the Seattle and Olympia areas are morphing into. As they prepare to release their second studio album Television Man, I had the chance to speak to them about their new work, their hometown, their art, and...
Tomboy Presents: Roll Out

Tomboy Presents: Roll Out

Tomboy, an electro-pop duo with members Sarah Aument and William Shore, is the best thing to come out of NYC this year. It’s been three weeks since the debut of Tomboy’s “Roll Out,” and its already made its way to one of Flavorwire’s top five singles of the week—and there’s reason for that. “Roll Out”...
Album Analyst: Comedown Machine

Album Analyst: Comedown Machine

When I think of The Strokes, who are the original kings of alternative rock, the difference between them and most other bands is in the legacy that they have created for themselves, and in the near cult following they have amassed. Their music can be described as a journey, a progression as the band explores...
FOX & FAIR: A New Musical Duo

FOX & FAIR: A New Musical Duo

FOX & FAIR: A New Musical Duo It’s not very often that you come across people in the state of Texas who are not only passionate about the Indie music genre, but can also write and produce it in an eloquent form. Recently, I came across “Fox & Fair,” a male and female duo who...

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