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Album Review: Sailor Poon - Sailor Poon's First Album

Album Review: Sailor Poon – Sailor Poon’s First Album

Immediate, upfront, hitting perfectly the notes of reminder the band everyone fell in love still retains the perfect balance from when their gang first took over these streets; facetious cynicism crafted with acute skill.
Visceral Revelations: An Interview With Dave Depper

Visceral Revelations: An Interview With Dave Depper

Website || Instagram || Facebook || Twitter   A driving force within a unit, Dave Depper is no stranger to casting his talents for a host of Northwestern bands. From Fruit Bats, Ray LaMontagne, Robyn Hitchcock and currently Death Cab for Cutie, his multifaceted music career has landed him both in recording studios and being...
Jon Benjamin: Jazz Daredevil

Jon Benjamin: Jazz Daredevil

Comedian and actor Jon Benjamin, notably known for his voice as Bob in Bob’s Burgers and Archer from Archer, spent three hours in the studio to record a jazz album, Well, I Should Have…. Best part?  He has no idea how to play the piano. “I’m not a huge fan of jazz—never was,” Benjamin states...
The Besnard Lakes' Single "Golden Lion" Is Shimmery Seduction

The Besnard Lakes’ Single “Golden Lion” Is Shimmery Seduction

  The Besnard Lakes are not one to downplay epic sweeping and soaring soundscapes – based out of Montreal, Canada, the band gained roots in 2003 and have been gracing their audience with bold orchestrations ever since. Their sound emerges in a similar vein to post-rockers Godspeed You! Black Emperor, tailored with falsetto croons and...
La Casa Al Mare Brings Shoegaze Reverb From Rome, Italy

La Casa Al Mare Brings Shoegaze Reverb From Rome, Italy

  Rome’s shoegaze and dream-pop band La Casa Al Mare (which translates best to “The House By the Sea”) came to fruition in 2008 as guitarist and vocalist Alessio Pindinelli’s solo project, but later turned into a fleshed out band with Marco Poloni on bass and Paolo Miceli on drums. The band members met through...
Sneak Preview: Matthew Anderson's Lunar Tide

Sneak Preview: Matthew Anderson’s Lunar Tide

  Ohio-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter and composer Matthew Anderson has been immersed in creating music for as far back as he can remember. Defining music as a sense of “discovery”, Anderson succeeds in interweaving aspects of contemporary classical, rock, pop, folk, and jazz music into a work that’s both new and profound. His new solo record,...
Slim Loris' Album "Love and Fear" Leaves Lukewarm Feelings

Slim Loris’ Album “Love and Fear” Leaves Lukewarm Feelings

  Slim Loris, formed initially by singer and bass player Mattias Cederstam and guitarist Robert Barrefelt back in 2009, started as a duo before they eventually grew into a quartet. Their work has garnered them much attention in Europe, with a performance at the legendary Cavern Club in the U.K. as well as two of...
Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Multi-Love"

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Multi-Love”

  Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new album, Multi-Love, set to be released on May 26th, has already garnered much positive attention. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson concocts a new spin on love – what happens with three individuals join together and the complications that inevitably ensue. Nielson aims to create a sound he can call his...
Get To Know Them: Broods

Get To Know Them: Broods

What catches the eyes when you see Caleb and Georgia Nott is more than their good DNA, but the music they embellish and craft, this brother- sister duo is taking on the music charts with their electro pop meets indie alternative vibe, so what’s left to say is take a listen for yourself and see...
Album Review: Ty Segall's 'Manipulator'

Album Review: Ty Segall’s ‘Manipulator’

It comes without surprise that Ty Segall’s newest album, “Manipulator”, is seventeen tracks of amazingness. However, this new record doesn’t progress how you would expect a Ty Segall record to progress, Segall is stepping into new territory with almost every song. From the beautiful string section featured in “The Clock” to the driving synthesizers of...

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