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La Luz's SXSW Instagram Takeover

La Luz’s SXSW Instagram Takeover

Photo Credit: Vikesh Kapoor   Currently based in Los Angeles’ duality of sunny dispositions and dark illusions, La Luz has crafted something special since their inception in 2012. Comprised of singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland, drummer Marian Li Pino, keyboardist Alice Sandahl, and bassist Lena Simon, the band’s surf-rock infested and reverb-drenched melodies maintain a haunting infectiousness...
Shenandoah Davis' "The Wings" Music Video

Shenandoah Davis’ “The Wings” Music Video

Website || Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Despite the ephemeral nature of music, Shenandoah Davis‘ 2017 album Souvenirs feels like a distinguished and intimate  keepsake you want to hold dear. With unabashed lyrics and vulnerable introspection, Davis perfects the art of honing in on subtle yet significant moments and memories that ring a...
Lou Rebecca's "Tonight"

Lou Rebecca’s “Tonight”

  Simultaneously an emblem of the past and a curtain drawn open towards the future, Lou Rebecca’s uncanny pop sensibilities are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. With her delicate, silky voice enticing you in both English and her native French, Lou’s inherent knack for captivating performances and choreography have immediately won over audiences in...
The Darts' Instagram Takeover!

The Darts’ Instagram Takeover!

Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Already on the public’s radar before their first self-titled EP release, psych-rock act The Darts are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Stemming from both Phoenix and Los Angeles, the quartet’s desert psych sound digs up influences from Austin’s The Black Angels as well as honing in on...
Marlon Williams' New Music Video "Vampire Again"

Marlon Williams’ New Music Video “Vampire Again”

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick   Despite channeling his idea during a crisp Halloween night in Los Angeles, Marlon Williams‘ latest music video for “Vampire Again” feels entirely welcome at any time of the year.  Having released his debut record off Dead Oceans in early 2016, New Zealand’s singer/songwriter Williams paints an aurally infectious and humorous...
Music Video Premiere: Man Woman Friend Computer's "Exordium/Outgrown"

Music Video Premiere: Man Woman Friend Computer’s “Exordium/Outgrown”

  Inhabiting a sonic space that melds mind and machine, Thomas Echols’ evocatively titled project Man, Woman, Friend, Computer is an exploration of ambient textures and moods. Introspective and meandering, each tracks plays out as a living, breathing entity. When Echols, a classically trained guitarist, reconnected with former student Yuliya Tsukerman, he discovered a mutual...
Music Video Review: Sun Abduction's "Acid Pyramid"

Music Video Review: Sun Abduction’s “Acid Pyramid”

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   A gracious addition to the psychedelic rock scene, Brooklyn-based quartet Sun Abduction are bound for a west coast tour in anticipation of their recently released singles, “Acid Pyramid / Pale Rider”, as well as prepping for their upcoming debut LP. Directed by Robert Hickerman, their music video for “Acid...
Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush's "Dating Game 3000"

Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush’s “Dating Game 3000”

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   If you’re not one to take the hyped up consumerist holiday too seriously, Sundae Crush have just the gift in store for you this Valentine’s Day. Premiering their glitter-filled hyper-pasteled music video for “Dating Game 3000”, the band delights in creating a futuristic game show competition straight out of...
Music Videos On Our Radar

Music Videos On Our Radar

The Daddyo’s – “I Ain’t No Prize” Bandcamp || Facebook   The melding of minds is obvious in The Daddyo’s, who have been writing songs together since their adolescent years. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kylie Slabby and Kylie Hastings’ recently released EP, Or Worse (released a year after their previous cleverly titled EP, Better), is chock...
Chelsea Wolfe Takeover!

Chelsea Wolfe Takeover!

Photo by Nico Turner   With musical talent running in her blood, Chelsea Wolfe continues to push the boundaries of rigid genres to craft something entirely personal and genuine. Growing up in California with musically-inclined parents, Wolfe composed her first series of songs on her mother’s classical guitar and immersed herself in her father’s studio,...
Where Are Your Friends: BUHU's "Youth Is Breaking" Music Video

Where Are Your Friends: BUHU’s “Youth Is Breaking” Music Video

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Growing up and merging into adulthood can take on a vast array of forms, which tends to reach a breaking point when we cling onto the last fraying threads of excess and self-indulgence for as long as we can rather than maturing and taking responsibility for our...
Halloween Hauntings: No Men's "Stay Dumb" Music Video

Halloween Hauntings: No Men’s “Stay Dumb” Music Video

  Ripe for the season, Chicago-based punk band No Men’s music video for their single “Stay Dumb” is a welcome homage to the Italian giallo trash thriller films of the ’70s. Combining elements of excessively fun gore and blood-splatter with a mysterious serial killer that leaves your senses tingling until the very end, No Men...

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