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Lou Rebecca's "Tonight"

Lou Rebecca’s “Tonight”

  Simultaneously an emblem of the past and a curtain drawn open towards the future, Lou Rebecca’s uncanny pop sensibilities are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. With her delicate, silky voice enticing you in both English and her native French, Lou’s inherent knack for captivating performances and choreography have immediately won over audiences in...
An Answer For Us All: Sweet Spirit's "The Power"

An Answer For Us All: Sweet Spirit’s “The Power”

Photography by David Brendan Hall   Amidst the saturation of bands and fledgling acts cropping up in Austin, Texas, it’s not often that a group seizes the spotlight and successfully continues to hone in on a committed and growing audience. Initially formed as a solo project, vocalist Sabrina Ellis (A Giant Dog, Glad Girls) started...
Music Review: Ride's "Charm Assault"

Music Review: Ride’s “Charm Assault”

  In the last five or so years, something wonderful has happened. Bands from many people’s youths have appeared on the scene, whole, intact, and emerging to crowds of fans who have waited their whole lives just to see them play one more time or for the first time ever. My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Lush,...
Jazz in the Spotlight with Brooklyn’s A Tree Grows

Jazz in the Spotlight with Brooklyn’s A Tree Grows

Photo by Amber Gress   One of the most fascinating things about music as an artform is its ability to touch and inspire the soul of so many that it can unite a community around it. It is the hearth of a community, so to speak, giving hope and reflection in a society cluttered with...
Pookie and the Poodlez - Young Adult

Pookie and the Poodlez – Young Adult

Living in Oakland there might seem to be far more bands than necessary swinging from the same complacent rock ‘n’ roll vine, for the rest of us around the world though, our thirst cannot be quenched for the talent and sound that area consistently offers up to us. Pookie and the Poodlez has remained strictly...
Reviews: Singles We're Spinning

Reviews: Singles We’re Spinning

Lazy Legs – “Ghost”   Based out of Chicago, Lazy Legs lo-fi reverb-filled noise brings their listener back to the early days of My Bloody Valentine and early 90’s shoegaze. Included on their upcoming self-titled EP off cassette tape label and blog Wild Patterns, the band’s single for “Ghost” haunts you with barely-there instrumentals and...
Holy Wave: The Evil Has Landed Part II

Holy Wave: The Evil Has Landed Part II

  In a world of faux social connection bands rise as giants out of hype to show no substance once fully in the light. In a world with no tolerance for giants, where longevity and ego are despicable to nearly all, bands get discarded before coming close to catching stride as soon as the crowd...
Ransom Scenery's Album ear to ear Takes Experimental to New Heights

Ransom Scenery’s Album ear to ear Takes Experimental to New Heights

  Based out of Springfield, Illinois, Ransom Scenery’s avant-garde and experimental album, ear to ear, is truly an album they can proudly call their own. The band’s flawless ability to create such a diverse dimension of sound and texture rings exceedingly well on their first EP, released in February of this year. Duo Drew Lowery...
Wand's "Golem" Album Review

Wand’s “Golem” Album Review

  Wand is pretty cool. Their name is kind of light and confusing until you hear their music and the image of a heavy metal space wizard popped into my head and it all made sense. They remind me a lot of Meatbodies, which is good, but slower and heavier. Psychedelic rock seems like it’s...
Prinzhorn Dance School's "Reign" Review

Prinzhorn Dance School’s “Reign” Review

  In Cambridge, Massachusetts there exists a club called TT the Bear’s Place. On Saturday nights this strange little hole in the wall is home to literally the best thing ever: new wave dance music, primarily from the 80’s. I spent some of my best Boston nights raving to remixes of Iggy Pop, the Cure,...
Death's N.E.W. Review

Death’s N.E.W. Review

  If you haven’t already heard of Death YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT.  These guys are living music dinosaurs that made one of the best punk albums I’ve ever heard like 40 years ago that went undiscovered until 2008.  You can almost imagine these three black guys rising from the music graveyard of forgotten...
Grown Up Avenger Stuff's "Pins" Music Video Review: A Hero In Their Own Right

Grown Up Avenger Stuff’s “Pins” Music Video Review: A Hero In Their Own Right

  Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Grown Up Avenger Stuff fits like a musical superhero reminiscent of 90’s indie-rock. Brothers Tyler, Hunter, and John Thomsen and vocalist Deirdre Kroener formed in 2009 and have since played countless shows and music festivals across the United States, including Bele Chere, SXSW, and Festival in the Park....

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