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Bitchin' Babes: Thelma and Louise

Bitchin’ Babes: Thelma and Louise

This summer’s fashion is focused around being one bad bitch, am I wrong? With dozens of rebellious street wear brands emerging, acid wash making a come back, and that rockin’ attitude you’ve got at it’s fullest, this look is easier than your aunt Suzi at a New Year’s party. With that said, find your self...
Summer: Deandri x Mink Pink

Summer: Deandri x Mink Pink

Take the girl next door, mix her with the rebellious 1990’s Angelina Jolie, and boom! This look happens. A lot of people have a tendency to wear what’s normal or expected during spring and summer, such as: pastels, neons, lots of colors, blah blah blah. Oh, you’re mixing it up with a bright colored top, chunky...

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