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Mixtape Monday: Hush, Don't You Cry

Mixtape Monday: Hush, Don’t You Cry

  Hush, Don’t You Cry is a mix of dreamy synth pop songs that play with a textured wall of sound led with an overall ominous tone and introspective lyrics, yet are all unsettlingly upbeat.   Beach House – Drunk in LA Shannon and the Clams – White Rabbit MGMT – Little Dark Age Lana...
Girl Crush Alert: Lana Del Rey

Girl Crush Alert: Lana Del Rey

Girl crush alert: Lana Del Rey. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this woman. Now, say what you want about her music (I personally love it), but some don’t. So, in that regard, say what you will. However, none of you, and I mean NONE of you, can argue with how...

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