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Singled Out: ISS - "Too Punk For Heavy Metal"

Singled Out: ISS – “Too Punk For Heavy Metal”

Singled Out ISS – “Too Punk For Heavy Metal” by Jay Armstrong There are maybe four bands giving me feels beyond pacified as of late. ISS are one of them. Working on the review for the new Spits album, this forty-five¬† Total Punk Records put out in June is what I find myself playing on...
The Darts' Instagram Takeover!

The Darts’ Instagram Takeover!

Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Already on the public’s radar before their first self-titled EP release, psych-rock act The Darts are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Stemming from both Phoenix and Los Angeles, the quartet’s desert psych sound digs up influences from Austin’s The Black Angels as well as honing in on...

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