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Mixtape Monday: All Remains Clear

Mixtape Monday: All Remains Clear

  The Royal They – Sludgefucker QWAM – Dirty Feet Elan Noon – Blue Fringe Class – Parakeet Candace – Grays Tango With Lions – What You’ve Become Soft Wounds – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles cover) Moderate Rebels – God Sent Us     Want to be featured in an upcoming...
Mixtape Monday: Your Crooked Smile

Mixtape Monday: Your Crooked Smile

  UV-TV – dissolve Peeling – Rattlesnake Adult Mom – Tenderness Beachglass – Lay Low David Nance – Negative Boogie Crown Larks – React Stuyedeyed – Funeral Lance Bangs – Football  
Pile Takeover!

Pile Takeover!

Website || Facebook || Instagram Photo Credit: Elisabeth Fuchsia   What initated as a solo project by Rick Maguire (or commonly referred to as “Rick from Pile”) a decade ago has now fostered into one of Boston’s most distinct indie rock groups. After playing shows in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, Maguire sought out a...
Mixtape Monday: Out Of My Head And Into Yours

Mixtape Monday: Out Of My Head And Into Yours

Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush's "Dating Game 3000"

Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush’s “Dating Game 3000”

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   If you’re not one to take the hyped up consumerist holiday too seriously, Sundae Crush have just the gift in store for you this Valentine’s Day. Premiering their glitter-filled hyper-pasteled music video for “Dating Game 3000”, the band delights in creating a futuristic game show competition straight out of...
Glamorous Indie Rock 'n' Roll

Glamorous Indie Rock ‘n’ Roll

Photographer: Madeleine Schaffner ( Instagram ) Model: Makenna ( Instagram ) Makeup Artist: Rosie Reed ( Instagram ) Wardrobe Designer: K.S. Garner ( Instagram )   My name is Madeleine Schaffner and I am a photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. I specialize in photographing fashion editorials and weddings. I gather inspiration from colors, lighting, and...
Maija Sofia's "Stains" is a Beautiful Reflection on Transitory States

Maija Sofia’s “Stains” is a Beautiful Reflection on Transitory States

  Maija Sofia isn’t one to let go of her artistic reins — her single “Stains” off her debut EP The Sugar Sea was self-written, recorded and produced and Sofia also took command in directing her music video. The Dublin-based indie folk songstress captured the track’s solemn mood on a foggy and dreary day by...
Ünderworld: A Psychedelic Slacker Comedy in the Making

Ünderworld: A Psychedelic Slacker Comedy in the Making

Pictured: Justin Jacobs as Rob   Ünderworld, a psychedelic slacker comedy, is director Vanessa Pla’s independent birth child starting actors and actresses from across the spectrum. Filmed in San Marcos, Texas, and citing influences like Dazed & Confused and Empire Records,  the film is what happens with a band of slacker youths take over a...
The Aurian Haller Band's House of Words Is Poetry and Music Perfectly Aligned

The Aurian Haller Band’s House of Words Is Poetry and Music Perfectly Aligned

  The Aurian Haller Band successfully sprawls across the genre-scape; from indie-folk to country-twang to experimental jazz, this quartet ignites aural sparks in their new album released earlier this month, House of Words. The band merges together poetic songwriting with instrumental coordination into a well crafted package, displaying their folk melodies which ring reminiscent of...
Unbound in the Middle: An Interview with Alta Violet's River Jones

Unbound in the Middle: An Interview with Alta Violet’s River Jones

  River Jones’ released his self-titled EP for his highly anticipated new indie-rock project, Alta Violet, in late March of this year. Reminiscent of Elliott Smith and The Beatles, Jones’ style is immaculate and well crafted, seeing as he has already carved out a name for himself in the bustling Austin music scene. Always having...
Mixtape Monday: Your World's On Fire

Mixtape Monday: Your World’s On Fire

Monday Mixtape: Your World’s On Fire from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.   Walk In – Bethany Curve Skull Eyes – True Widow Somedays – Tess Parks Swimming Pool – Idiot Glee I Was Somewhere Cold, Dark… and Lonely – Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) What’s – The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa Lindsy– Jason...
One For The Dreamers: Woman's Hour

One For The Dreamers: Woman’s Hour

Indie music in today’s culture has gained recognition as well as popularity from music lovers abroad. From the average teen turned Grammy winner Lorde, to the stylistic edge of The 1975, there’s no denying it’s a genre to watch. But one band, London-based Woman’s Hour, has turned the tables on what we see as top...

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