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Indie Radar - CHVRCHES

Indie Radar – CHVRCHES

So, if you’re a music blog reader, you have most likely read something about CHVRCHES in the past year. The music world has seemingly fallen in love with the trio from Glasgow, and it is no wonder why we have. As if appearing out of nowhere, CHVRCHES has been on a daunting musical conquest of...
Indie Radar - SKATERS

Indie Radar – SKATERS

Quite possibly the greatest thing out of the New York scene since The Strokes, SKATERS capture an addictive, garage-pop sound that fuses elements of punk and indie dreaminess into a glorious combination of sounds. These sounds cannot simply be categorized into just one genre of music. I fell in love with this band during my...
Indie Radar - Le Trouble

Indie Radar – Le Trouble

When it comes to indie music, there are some things that the listener can come to expect. Whether it’s indie-rock or folk, there is a status-quo to music, and a comfortable boundary of tried and not-tried. In many ways, when I hear a new band, I find myself cataloging their sound in my mind, comparing...

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