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Peach Kelli Pop's Allie Hanlon Interview & Instagram Takeover

Peach Kelli Pop’s Allie Hanlon Interview & Instagram Takeover

Website || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   Peach Kelli Pop‘s fourth full length album, Gentle Leader, comes highly anticipated after a three year hiatus. Their first release off Canadian label Mint Records, Peach Kelli Pop founder Allie Hanlon departs from a solo effort to a more complex collaborative process with sisters Gina and Sophie...
ANON Premiere: The Sour Notes Cover The Ronettes' "When I Saw You"

ANON Premiere: The Sour Notes Cover The Ronettes’ “When I Saw You”

Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Known for their contagious indie pop and rock sensibilities, Austin’s very own The Sour Notes are paying tribute to songs they hold near and dear to their heart. Their premiere for the next single off their covers’ album, This Is Not Our Music, is a stunning rendition...
Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

  Ali Wagner – Going Down Midnight Opera – Hounds at Sunset Très Oui – Séance Fishboy – Researching Writer Kyoto Lo-Fi – Godot Chief Perch – Jupiter Ellis Redon – Dreamers Michael Parallax – Get Destroyed  
Elf Power Live at Barracuda

Elf Power Live at Barracuda

  Photography: Mike Manewitz ( Instagram ) Words: Trish Connelly ( Instagram )   Spanning a two decade plus music career, Athens’ Elf Power has continued to bubble along the indie-rock surface and have since carved out their own niche. A significant player in Elephant 6 Collective (which includes the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel...
Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush's "Dating Game 3000"

Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush’s “Dating Game 3000”

Facebook || Twitter || Instagram   If you’re not one to take the hyped up consumerist holiday too seriously, Sundae Crush have just the gift in store for you this Valentine’s Day. Premiering their glitter-filled hyper-pasteled music video for “Dating Game 3000”, the band delights in creating a futuristic game show competition straight out of...
Music Videos On Our Radar

Music Videos On Our Radar

The Daddyo’s – “I Ain’t No Prize” Bandcamp || Facebook   The melding of minds is obvious in The Daddyo’s, who have been writing songs together since their adolescent years. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kylie Slabby and Kylie Hastings’ recently released EP, Or Worse (released a year after their previous cleverly titled EP, Better), is chock...
Babbling April: A Record Full of Drive and Nostalgia

Babbling April: A Record Full of Drive and Nostalgia

  Upon listening to Babbling April’s self-titled EP, I couldn’t help but immediately play it through once again after the album had ended. Babbling April’s infectious indie-pop-meets-shoegaze ambience takes the listener for a blissful whirlwind of unique sound and euphoric nostalgia. Stemming from Dayton, Ohio, the band meticulously blends in aspects of building soundscapes, energetic...
One For The Dreamers: Woman's Hour

One For The Dreamers: Woman’s Hour

Indie music in today’s culture has gained recognition as well as popularity from music lovers abroad. From the average teen turned Grammy winner Lorde, to the stylistic edge of The 1975, there’s no denying it’s a genre to watch. But one band, London-based Woman’s Hour, has turned the tables on what we see as top...

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