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Under the Blue Light with Pearl Charles

Under the Blue Light with Pearl Charles

Artist: Pearl Charles Photographer: John Allen Producer: Nathan Edge HMU: Kate Leatherwood Styling: Nicky Turner   Inspiration for this photoshoot was taken from retro photography, a mix of psychedelia and screenshots from The Holy Mountain. Organic patterns were mixed with linear symbolism to evoke ethereal mysticism. All images were taken on 35mm film.     ...
Shenandoah Davis' "The Wings" Music Video

Shenandoah Davis’ “The Wings” Music Video

Website || Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Despite the ephemeral nature of music, Shenandoah Davis‘ 2017 album Souvenirs feels like a distinguished and intimate  keepsake you want to hold dear. With unabashed lyrics and vulnerable introspection, Davis perfects the art of honing in on subtle yet significant moments and memories that ring a...
Mixtape Monday: All Remains Clear

Mixtape Monday: All Remains Clear

  The Royal They – Sludgefucker QWAM – Dirty Feet Elan Noon – Blue Fringe Class – Parakeet Candace – Grays Tango With Lions – What You’ve Become Soft Wounds – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (The Shirelles cover) Moderate Rebels – God Sent Us     Want to be featured in an upcoming...
Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

  Ali Wagner – Going Down Midnight Opera – Hounds at Sunset Très Oui – Séance Fishboy – Researching Writer Kyoto Lo-Fi – Godot Chief Perch – Jupiter Ellis Redon – Dreamers Michael Parallax – Get Destroyed  
Mixtape Monday: Humanity's Soft Eyes

Mixtape Monday: Humanity’s Soft Eyes

  Pastel Felt – Take It Out On Me L.A. Witch – Untitled Midnight Sister – Daddy Long Legs Julie Odell – People Cheering Duds – Elastic Feel Peyote Coyote – Satellite The Mad Doctors – Yuengling Malmsteen Citrus Clouds – Make a Life
Elf Power Live at Barracuda

Elf Power Live at Barracuda

  Photography: Mike Manewitz ( Instagram ) Words: Trish Connelly ( Instagram )   Spanning a two decade plus music career, Athens’ Elf Power has continued to bubble along the indie-rock surface and have since carved out their own niche. A significant player in Elephant 6 Collective (which includes the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel...
The Dan Ryan's Guidance

The Dan Ryan’s Guidance

  Yearning for something beyond a grounded narrative, The Dan Ryan’s upcoming album, Guidance, takes their listeners on a multi-faceted journey through psychedelic realms and textural folk-ambience. Marking Chicago-native and Austin-based Nathan Dixey’s second release from Cosmic Dreamer, Guidance flows like intimate poetry, each track painting a vast, scenic landscape full of emotional conflict and...
Slim Loris' Album "Love and Fear" Leaves Lukewarm Feelings

Slim Loris’ Album “Love and Fear” Leaves Lukewarm Feelings

  Slim Loris, formed initially by singer and bass player Mattias Cederstam and guitarist Robert Barrefelt back in 2009, started as a duo before they eventually grew into a quartet. Their work has garnered them much attention in Europe, with a performance at the legendary Cavern Club in the U.K. as well as two of...

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