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Emotional Response Records' Typical Girls Vol 3 & 4: Couteau Latex's "Colere Vide"

Emotional Response Records’ Typical Girls Vol 3 & 4: Couteau Latex’s “Colere Vide”

  Confronted with the saturation of male-dominated voices in the punk and hardcore scene, Typical Girls aims to subvert that stereotype with fresh sounds that might otherwise go unheard of. A wink and nod to the Slits, Typical Girls celebrates all that is totally untypical and highlights a vast number of femme-sounds and experiences. A...
Never Like Tuesdays // Femme

Never Like Tuesdays // Femme

Artist: Juliette Hayt ( Instagram ) Juliette Hayt is a painter, illustrator and writer based in New York City. Her art is extremely diaristic and draws inspiration from her feelings of anxiety, love, sadness, longing and abandonment. Hayt’s series for “Never Like Tuesdays” explores mental and emotional states through the use of the color yellow....

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