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Flying Fish

Flying Fish

Photographer: Belladetta Peresa ( Instagram ) Artist / Model: Mino Wu ( Instagram )   The title for the photoshoot “Flying Fish” comes from model Mino’s name meaning “little fish”, yet she possesses the capability to break boundaries and go for the unexpected, knowing no limitation. Her solo art exhibition “Story of Our Eyes” creates...
Future Feminism Exhibition at 'O' Space

Future Feminism Exhibition at ‘O’ Space

  While no teleportation machines exist (yet), for those fortunate enough to be in Denmark this weekend you’ll want to attend the closing weekend of FUTURE FEMINISM, an iconic feminist performance series from Anohni, Kembra Pfahler and Johanna Constantine. Running from mid-August to its closing night on September 3rd, FUTURE FEMINISM combines performances, talks, workshops...
Gerd Ludwig's "Sleeping Cars" Exhibition at Los Angeles' Fahey/Klein Gallery

Gerd Ludwig’s “Sleeping Cars” Exhibition at Los Angeles’ Fahey/Klein Gallery

  Located in Los Angeles, California, the Fahey/Klein Gallery is dedicated to displaying and selling 20th century and contemporary fine art photography. One of their current exhibitions is Gerd Ludwig’s collection for Sleeping Cars. Ludwig’s series features resting cars at night on the streets of Los Angeles, emphasizing the varying surroundings and the personalities that...

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