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Member's of Wall/Beverly Release New Track "Fate/Glory"

Member’s of Wall/Beverly Release New Track “Fate/Glory”

Photo by Colin Sussingham & Josie Keefe   Too often do newly formed supergroups lose sight of their aspirations and ambitions, yet New York based quartet Public Practice reign in their individual strengths with their upcoming debut EP, Distance is a Mirror. Including members from post-punk act WALL and dream-pop band Beverly, singer Sam York,...
Kyoto Lo-Fi's Black Rainbow EP Makes for Unparalleled Aural Exploration

Kyoto Lo-Fi’s Black Rainbow EP Makes for Unparalleled Aural Exploration

Facebook || Bandcamp || Instagram   Thanks a mutual love of the prolific Argentinian rock band Soda Stereo, Dallas-based indie garage rock band Kyoto Lo-Fi came to be. After recording material for their first EP, Black Rainbow, the duo found their third and final member at a local punk show and have since been gaining...
Born Bad Seeds: Gross Pointe

Born Bad Seeds: Gross Pointe

  Be it from age or simple cosmic awareness, somewhere along the path we become less a reflection of the external, our own tiny voices finding strength in some collective subconscious of US, we close our eyes in true Jordan Catalano fashion to open them with a rift unfathomable between what we have become and...
La Casa Al Mare Brings Shoegaze Reverb From Rome, Italy

La Casa Al Mare Brings Shoegaze Reverb From Rome, Italy

  Rome’s shoegaze and dream-pop band La Casa Al Mare (which translates best to “The House By the Sea”) came to fruition in 2008 as guitarist and vocalist Alessio Pindinelli’s solo project, but later turned into a fleshed out band with Marco Poloni on bass and Paolo Miceli on drums. The band members met through...
Tomboy Presents: Roll Out

Tomboy Presents: Roll Out

Tomboy, an electro-pop duo with members Sarah Aument and William Shore, is the best thing to come out of NYC this year. It’s been three weeks since the debut of Tomboy’s “Roll Out,” and its already made its way to one of Flavorwire’s top five singles of the week—and there’s reason for that. “Roll Out”...
Indie Radar - CHVRCHES

Indie Radar – CHVRCHES

So, if you’re a music blog reader, you have most likely read something about CHVRCHES in the past year. The music world has seemingly fallen in love with the trio from Glasgow, and it is no wonder why we have. As if appearing out of nowhere, CHVRCHES has been on a daunting musical conquest of...
The Mowgli's - Love's Not Dead EP

The Mowgli’s – Love’s Not Dead EP

The Mowgli’s have been taking the folk-indie world by storm  since the release of their EP, “Love’s Not Dead,” back in October. They have especially been captivating the airwaves with their immensely catchy, musical smile of the song “San Francisco,” which has become insanely popular. There’s something about their sound that simply puts a smile...

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