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House Invasion

House Invasion

Director: Surabhi Tandon  Photographer: Kassia Karr   “Objects to Desire” Or, Objects as metaphors; instead of using the object in question for its appropriate function, we played around with what could do and what each of those actions could symbolize.   For “House Invasion”, we used hair as the object and tried to create a...
I Do Music for Ghost Stories: John Carpenter at ACL Live's Moody Theater

I Do Music for Ghost Stories: John Carpenter at ACL Live’s Moody Theater

Words: Trish Connelly ( Instagram ) Photography: Raphael Umscheid ( Instagram)   Despite wishing I had the opportunity to squeeze in a John Carpenter movie marathon before Thursday evening at ACL Live’s Moody Theater, it didn’t prevent me from sitting upright in my seat, absolutely spellbound at Carpenter’s genius to create ominous and memorable compositions...
An Interview With Mikel Ledesma

An Interview With Mikel Ledesma

Meet Mikel Ledesma; based out of Fort Worth, this up and coming director is one you’ll want to keep on your radar. Recently finishing his directorial shorts Shattered and Losing Your Flames earlier this year, both films step into unbound territory and tackle controversial subjects to help spread Ledesma’s message and broaden viewer’s opinions and...

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