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Mixtape Monday: Hush, Don't You Cry

Mixtape Monday: Hush, Don’t You Cry

  Hush, Don’t You Cry is a mix of dreamy synth pop songs that play with a textured wall of sound led with an overall ominous tone and introspective lyrics, yet are all unsettlingly upbeat.   Beach House – Drunk in LA Shannon and the Clams – White Rabbit MGMT – Little Dark Age Lana...
Mixtape Monday: It's All In My Head

Mixtape Monday: It’s All In My Head

Mixtape Monday: It's All In My Head from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.   The Feel – Las Robertas Lay Down – Voices From Deep Below Kill My Baby Tonight – L.A. WITCH Ice Black Sand – Reptar Essence – Jade TV Sleepwalker – mr. Gnome Sometime – DIIV Axis Modulator – Mugstar  

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