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Kyoto Lo-Fi's Black Rainbow EP Makes for Unparalleled Aural Exploration

Kyoto Lo-Fi’s Black Rainbow EP Makes for Unparalleled Aural Exploration

Facebook || Bandcamp || Instagram   Thanks a mutual love of the prolific Argentinian rock band Soda Stereo, Dallas-based indie garage rock band Kyoto Lo-Fi came to be. After recording material for their first EP, Black Rainbow, the duo found their third and final member at a local punk show and have since been gaining...
Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town (March2015) from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.     Girl Pushups – Feuding Fathers Hardware – Slow Pulse Light Dream – Sunrise and Ammunition Crossed Out Names – The Demigs Heavy Fizz – Sealion You Want It – Jonly Bonly I’ll Kill You, Dear – Far Far Future Future Color...
What We're Loving: VERUM

What We’re Loving: VERUM

Take a look into your closet. Chances are you’ll see a rainbow of cheap tanks, flimsy tees, and trendy-for-about-five-minutes skirts filling in the gaps between your more precious pieces. It’s nearly impossible to avoid buying into the massive industry of fast fashion, especially if you’re on a student’s budget and like to switch up your...
One for the Locals: The O's

One for the Locals: The O’s

Taylor Young and John Pedigo are The O’s. The O’s are Taylor Young and John Pedigo. One time, while they were out cocktailing, Pedigo threatened to Young that he was going to buy a banjo. A new banjo meant a new band; both Young and Pedigo had been in numerous band lineups up until this...


Let’s talk Chanel.  When Karl Lagerfeld first announced he was doing his Métiers d’Art show in Dallas I screamed in excitement.  Last week, when I realized it was only a few days away, I cried.  I cried because I knew I was never going to be able to be there because of two reasons.  One:...

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