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Photographer: Tanya Olifirenko Stylist: Yana Yurevych Model: Rose Yana met Rose by chance at a cafe and decided to create a story. Says Rose of her move from Chicago to Ukraine, “I came [here] because my lack of planning allowed me to. After hitchhiking and squatting for the past two years, I found the clarity...
Heavy Times' "Psychic Punk"

Heavy Times’ “Psychic Punk”

  Progress has such negative connotations, the mere idea of it being attached to some band we are stoked for makes us cringe. More often than not “progress” is a term used as a shield by those who value self-gain over integrity when justifying why the album they are now promoting sounds like a desperate...
Born Bad Seeds: Gross Pointe

Born Bad Seeds: Gross Pointe

  Be it from age or simple cosmic awareness, somewhere along the path we become less a reflection of the external, our own tiny voices finding strength in some collective subconscious of US, we close our eyes in true Jordan Catalano fashion to open them with a rift unfathomable between what we have become and...
The White City

The White City

Photographer: Spencer Anne Blacketer Designer/Stylist/HMUA: Elizabeth Schmitz Models: Jordan & Jenna of 19:30 Model Management Assistant 1: Adriana Aarietta   My collection, ‘The White City”, was based off of Dr. H. H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer who started around the time of the 1893 Columbia Exhibition in Chicago. The collection tells the story of how the women...
Chicago's Riot Fest

Chicago’s Riot Fest

Day 1: Once upon a time, Riot Fest Chicago turned into a swamp and alligators and babies covered in mud were found in mosh pits. Just kidding. If there was one word to describe this day it’d be miserable. The line up was sick as could be. But the mud – if I never see...

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