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Emotional Response Records' Typical Girls Vol 3 & 4: Couteau Latex's "Colere Vide"

Emotional Response Records’ Typical Girls Vol 3 & 4: Couteau Latex’s “Colere Vide”

  Confronted with the saturation of male-dominated voices in the punk and hardcore scene, Typical Girls aims to subvert that stereotype with fresh sounds that might otherwise go unheard of. A wink and nod to the Slits, Typical Girls celebrates all that is totally untypical and highlights a vast number of femme-sounds and experiences. A...
Curelight Wounds' Constant Mind Review

Curelight Wounds’ Constant Mind Review

Facebook || Twitter || Bandcamp Marking his seventh release since 2013, Brooklyn based musician Steve Schwadron (of Dead Leaf Echo)’s alternate project Curelight Wounds released their latest EP, Constant Mind, to kick off the start of this week. Comprised of two and three minute tunes chock full of guitar driven walls of sound and raw...
Standing in the Gap: The Disquiet Vol. 1 Compilation

Standing in the Gap: The Disquiet Vol. 1 Compilation

“In violent times, you shouldn’t have to sell your soul” ~ Tears for Fears (Ian Stanley/Ronald Orzabal) “ Shout”, Songs from the Big Chair 1985   This quote from 1985 is rather poignant in today’s political climate. As the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, people of color, scholars, the dispossessed, and those who resist...
Olden Yolk's "Beige Flowers" to Benefit Bring Change 2 Mind

Olden Yolk’s “Beige Flowers” to Benefit Bring Change 2 Mind

  Certain phrases and seemingly fleeting physical affections can in turn strike a chord and stay with you for the rest of eternity. “Shane, I want you to be there when I die“, Butler’s mother said to him with a firm grip of his hand before packing her bags to move from New York to...
Mikey & the Drags' Single Premiere: "Be Your Man"

Mikey & the Drags’ Single Premiere: “Be Your Man”

Artwork by ANON Magazine’s Becky Bacsik    As much as nostalgic retro throwbacks to 60’s garage rock ‘n’ roll have become a theme, Mikey and the Drags pulls it off in the most sincere and gratifying way. Recording and mixing their last album, Make You Mine, with Steve Christensen, the band infuses garage rock and...
Scatter Factory LP Blends Motorik Electronica With Ambient Bliss

Scatter Factory LP Blends Motorik Electronica With Ambient Bliss

  When I first heard the name Scatter Factory, the thought that immediately popped into my head is something or someone churning out produce in an uncoordinated not well-thought- out manner. However, the debut album from Scatter Factory (real name Will Foster) is anything but that – it’s calculated, intentional, sincere, and meticulously constructed (like...
Flavorsound Productions Presents Austin's Class of 2016

Flavorsound Productions Presents Austin’s Class of 2016

Less like the trials and tribulations of surviving high school, Austin’s up and coming bands of 2016 have quickly leaped from freshmen status to celebrating the successes of senior graduation. Austin’s Class of 2016’s compilation features 17 talented acts that have attained the public’s attention and recognition of being musically sound, dedicated to their craft,...
Bands On Our Radar: Muff's "East Side Love"

Bands On Our Radar: Muff’s “East Side Love”

  Welcome to the world of Muff, consisting of four pals that play catchy fuzz pop tunes together. Muff was first discovered at a house party in San Marcos, TX, back in 2014. The band has gained enormous strides since, releasing “An EP” recorded by Mich White of dogfight! recs in 2015, and recently released...
Heavy Times' "Psychic Punk"

Heavy Times’ “Psychic Punk”

  Progress has such negative connotations, the mere idea of it being attached to some band we are stoked for makes us cringe. More often than not “progress” is a term used as a shield by those who value self-gain over integrity when justifying why the album they are now promoting sounds like a desperate...
Reviews: Singles We're Spinning

Reviews: Singles We’re Spinning

Kane Strang – “Things Are Never Simple”   Kane Strang’s debut album, Blue Cheese, was recorded in solitude in Strang’s hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand while house-sitting for his parents. His second track off his upcoming album, “Things Are Never Simple”, is poppy and animated, complete with bouncy guitar riffs and snapping drum beats. The...
8 Bands to Restore Your Faith in Humanity in 2016

8 Bands to Restore Your Faith in Humanity in 2016

Last year receded its long drawn out pandiculation, the lifting fog, a settling realization, clear and sharp, the fire has been rebuilding, it remains wildly alive. Most of the world looks for giants, only wanting to see the shape of a band once the collective whole has deemed it fitting for acceptance. The days of...
Born Bad Seeds: Gross Pointe

Born Bad Seeds: Gross Pointe

  Be it from age or simple cosmic awareness, somewhere along the path we become less a reflection of the external, our own tiny voices finding strength in some collective subconscious of US, we close our eyes in true Jordan Catalano fashion to open them with a rift unfathomable between what we have become and...

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