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Elf Power Live at Barracuda

Elf Power Live at Barracuda

  Photography: Mike Manewitz ( Instagram ) Words: Trish Connelly ( Instagram )   Spanning a two decade plus music career, Athens’ Elf Power has continued to bubble along the indie-rock surface and have since carved out their own niche. A significant player in Elephant 6 Collective (which includes the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel...
The Dan Ryan's Guidance

The Dan Ryan’s Guidance

  Yearning for something beyond a grounded narrative, The Dan Ryan’s upcoming album, Guidance, takes their listeners on a multi-faceted journey through psychedelic realms and textural folk-ambience. Marking Chicago-native and Austin-based Nathan Dixey’s second release from Cosmic Dreamer, Guidance flows like intimate poetry, each track painting a vast, scenic landscape full of emotional conflict and...
Music Video Premiere: Man Woman Friend Computer's "Exordium/Outgrown"

Music Video Premiere: Man Woman Friend Computer’s “Exordium/Outgrown”

  Inhabiting a sonic space that melds mind and machine, Thomas Echols’ evocatively titled project Man, Woman, Friend, Computer is an exploration of ambient textures and moods. Introspective and meandering, each tracks plays out as a living, breathing entity. When Echols, a classically trained guitarist, reconnected with former student Yuliya Tsukerman, he discovered a mutual...
Defying Boundaries: Exclusive Track and Show Premiere for Ancient River

Defying Boundaries: Exclusive Track and Show Premiere for Ancient River

    Encapsulating sonic soundscapes ranging from My Bloody Valentine’s reverb-soaked shoegaze, Dead Meadow’s psychedelic haze and Temples’ contemporary fuzz, Ancient River breaks from the constraints of musical genres to create an aurally expansive world. Originating in 2000, guitarist and singer/songwriter James Barreto staked a name for himself in Gainesville, Florida, playing with his then...

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