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Album Review: Attic Ted - "Kafka Dreaming"

Album Review: Attic Ted – “Kafka Dreaming”

Kafka Dreaming is a love letter to the possibilities of defining one's own boundaries over succumbing to expectations; even if those expectations are self-imposed. This album is a testament of the distance covered and growth felt on their journey.
New Video: Attic Ted - "Skip to the Lulu"

New Video: Attic Ted – “Skip to the Lulu”

Calling all fans of straight-to-video, filmed on videocassette horror; Attic Ted have something special lined up for you. "Skip to the Lulu" is directed by Jeffrey Garcia who kicks up nostalgic dust of Cannibal Cookout, The Video Dead, and Video Violence. Without leaning towards schlock humor the way Scott Barber did on Roky Moon's memorable...
Getting To Know Attic Ted

Getting To Know Attic Ted

  You might remember 2002 as the year of K-Mart’s bankruptcy, Kelly Clarkson, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but for some, 2002 was the year of Attic Ted. Forming in the fall of 2002 in Austin, Texas, this crazy acid trip carnival experience, otherwise known as Attic Ted, has managed to constantly push boundaries and take...

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