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Review: Sidewave's Glass Giant Is a Welcoming Homage to 90's Space-Rock

Review: Sidewave’s Glass Giant Is a Welcoming Homage to 90’s Space-Rock

  Just when you think 90’s bands like Hum and Stone Temple Pilots have lost their stronghold in this day and age, think again. Sidewave, stemming from high-school friendships and stumbled across Craigslist ads, blends experimental textures, heavy percussion with melodic guitar, and the result is a phenomenal throwback to 90’s space-rock while still maintaining...
Chicago's Riot Fest

Chicago’s Riot Fest

Day 1: Once upon a time, Riot Fest Chicago turned into a swamp and alligators and babies covered in mud were found in mosh pits. Just kidding. If there was one word to describe this day it’d be miserable. The line up was sick as could be. But the mud – if I never see...

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