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Jennie Vee Takeover

Jennie Vee Takeover

Photographer: Corinne Schiavone Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Seamlessly combining the melancholic and gritty with the dreamy and wistful, LA-based artist Jennie Vee is on ANON Magazine’s radar this week. Growing up in small town Ontario, Vee had an affinity for dark, post-punk acts like The Cure and Joy Division. Moving from Canada to...
The Dan Ryan's Guidance

The Dan Ryan’s Guidance

  Yearning for something beyond a grounded narrative, The Dan Ryan’s upcoming album, Guidance, takes their listeners on a multi-faceted journey through psychedelic realms and textural folk-ambience. Marking Chicago-native and Austin-based Nathan Dixey’s second release from Cosmic Dreamer, Guidance flows like intimate poetry, each track painting a vast, scenic landscape full of emotional conflict and...
The Besnard Lakes Are A Mystical World of Their Own: An Interview with Olga Goreas

The Besnard Lakes Are A Mystical World of Their Own: An Interview with Olga Goreas

  What began as the band’s namesake and getaway for inspiration, The Besnard Lakes’ yearly retreat to their cabin at Besnard Lake in rural Saskatchewan was nearly compromised after a ring of fire surrounded it for several days last year. Perhaps the realization of the ephemerality of things near and dear to the band helped...
Sneak Preview: Matthew Anderson's Lunar Tide

Sneak Preview: Matthew Anderson’s Lunar Tide

  Ohio-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter and composer Matthew Anderson has been immersed in creating music for as far back as he can remember. Defining music as a sense of “discovery”, Anderson succeeds in interweaving aspects of contemporary classical, rock, pop, folk, and jazz music into a work that’s both new and profound. His new solo record,...
Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Multi-Love"

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Multi-Love”

  Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s new album, Multi-Love, set to be released on May 26th, has already garnered much positive attention. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Ruban Nielson concocts a new spin on love – what happens with three individuals join together and the complications that inevitably ensue. Nielson aims to create a sound he can call his...

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