Here at ANON we tend to neglect men’s fashion from time to time. Okay, all the time… and we would like to make up for that. But it’s summertime, so instead of wearing Chubbies and a pastel sorority event t-shirt, consider buying something that the ladies will actually dig. We know that some of you are lazy when it comes to shopping, and when you do end up in the vicinity of a mall, it’s probably because your mom or girlfriend dragged you out of the house. Others of you may have a desired look, but don’t know where to get the right stuff. Well, we have a solution for that.




It’s called online shopping.


So while you’re sitting at home watching re-runs of Arrested Development, check out some of the suggestions we have provided you with (Yes, clicking on the small icon-sized items below will redirect you to a website where you can purchase them). Enjoy!
Summer Menswear