Issue 7 of ANON is in the works, and we are looking for your latest and greatest work to feature! We want to see your (film) photography, art, written stuffs, comics and anything else you can possibly print on paper.

The theme for this issue is PERFECTION.

Take it, think about it, do with it what you will. What does perfection mean to you? How does perfection affect your life or the lives of the people around you? What does perfection look like? What is the opposite of perfection? Is it a worthy cause to strive for perfection?

Submit your work to Becky & Trish at in a high quality format (if applicable) by Tuesday, February 14th. Be sure to include a title (if you have one, but we can come up with something catchy and cute if not), any credits, and your name as you want it to be printed. Feel free to use Dropbox or Google Drive to send large files. If you have any questions, please email us! Even if you want to spitball some ideas, feel free to email us as well. Want to send us cute pictures of cats? Email us.



Here are some photos for inspiration:


ADV334489 Credit: Magazine illustration, 1954 (colour litho) by English School, (20th century) Private Collection/ © The Advertising Archives/ The Bridgeman Art Library Nationality / copyright status: English / copyright unknown