Let’s talk Chanel.  When Karl Lagerfeld first announced he was doing his Métiers d’Art show in Dallas I screamed in excitement.  Last week, when I realized it was only a few days away, I cried.  I cried because I knew I was never going to be able to be there because of two reasons.  One: I do not own a car or drive, so I would not be able to get there. Two: I am not important, so of course I was not invited.  So, instead of being in Dallas, I was sitting at home eating chocolate ice cream to ease my depression.  (Then the Victoria’s Secret fashion show had to come on TV and depress me even more!)

Lagerfeld opened the show with a short film, The Return.  Starring Geraldine Chaplin as Coco Chanel, the film was about the eve of her 1954 show that was celebrated by Americans and panned by the French.  Now, Lagerfeld wouldn’t just have you sitting in your seats to watch this film.  Lagerfeld had a built-to-fit drive-in theater with restored vintage cars.  Everything must be done in fashion, darling!




Métiers d’Art consisted of fur, fringe, leather, and denim.  Everything a Texas girl loves.  It was an ode to the Cowboys and Indians of the American West.  The classic Chanel suit became boxier, the skirts became longer, and the boots became higher.  Normally, I am not into this kind of style, but, of course, Karl made it look oh so dreamy.  I wanted to be seen in every single outfit.  That is how much I loved it!


Outfits 1

Outfits 1


Of course, Chanel had to end the show with a bang bang! (Haha. Get it? Like a gun. Because cowboys. Nevermind.) The team built a saloon for the after party equipped with a mechanical bull and British electronic music! I sure do wish I had been at that party!

Karl did it big, and what better place than Texas!