Men’s Fashion: Brown Is The New Black


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Although black is a comfort and “go-to” color for many of you guys out there, I’m here to tell you that this spring season brings SO many awesome styles for the color brown! There are new and interesting ways to mix and match brown with your current clothing, but don’t stop there, make your OWN style out of our example! Be bold in brown this spring!

Having an essential pair of brown combat boots, whether or not they are light brown or dark brown, they will be a PERFECT addition to your springtime outfits.

Said it before, i’ll say it again, slim fitting khakis are the best way to show off your style (and body) all while looking sleek and trendy this season. The more image flattering, the better!

Club master sunglasses (or equivalent lookalikes) are timeless. No matter what color you are wearing that day, you will be able to throw those on to complete your accessorizing.

Herschel traveling products. No matter what bag you are looking for, Herschel has one for you. They are perfect fabric for prolonged usage, and they have colors to match any outfit / style you please.

An essential tank (or equivalent t-shirt) is an absolutely perfect item for layering on a cooler day. If you throw that on, mix that with the light brown cardigan shown above, and you are sure to be the best dressed friend in the group, trust me.

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