Powerpop slackers Gutter Glitter are the latest good time out of Austin, TX. Leaning heavily in the way of the early 80’s, they fall somewhere between Nikki and the Corvettes and Wildheart era Stevie Nicks.

At three in the morning in February, lead singer Sofie Thomas screamed completely out of key over Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” as guitarist Jay Armstrong watched on with a mixture of absolute horror and respect on his face. An hour later they made a blood pack to form a band and soon thereafter Isaiah Mancha jumped in on drums while Simon Thomas decided it was as good of a time as any to learn a new instrument so he picked up the bass and the four piece of denim babes was complete.

The eight months that have passed since have been spent crafting their sound in a way which meanders between Courtney Barnett/Nikki Lane songwriter jangle to Ramones’ straight forward liveforthemoment rock n roll. Their first show is tonight at Cheer Up Charlies alongside The Dizzease and Goldbloom. They are currently recording at Sweetheart Studios with the hopes of putting their first full length out on vinyl in February of 2017.