The Reputations: Loving Them Is Easy

The Reputations: Loving Them Is Easy

The Reputations radiate in what would best be called the Stevie Nicks effect. Loving them is easy.
Mixtape Monday: Carole's Slumber Party

Mixtape Monday: Carole’s Slumber Party

Carole's lost mixtape from her slumber party in '77
Album Review: Drunk Mums - Urban Cowboy

Album Review: Drunk Mums – Urban Cowboy

Drunk Mums are one of the last vestiges of wild expressive cool left in the world. Quite possibly one of the last for all of existence!
Mixtape Monday: Teenager In Love

Mixtape Monday: Teenager In Love

Are you following us on Spotify yet? Friend us here. Barreracudas – “Promises” Nikki and the Corvettes – “Criminal Element” Dumb – “Heather You’re So Cool” If you didn’t catch our interview we did with Corey Baum of Dumb here is your chance. The Babies – “Alligator” The Rubinoos – “I Think We’re Alone Now”...
Album Review: John Wesley Coleman III - Cuckoo Bird Sings A Song

Album Review: John Wesley Coleman III – Cuckoo Bird Sings A Song

Spoken through Kerouacian prose allowing your mind belief in the transcendence of a moment and meaning and everything else which our hearts find positive and defeating in these beat days of our karmic souls
Mixtape Monday: Fresh Leather

Mixtape Monday: Fresh Leather

  Amyl and the Sniffers – “Balaclava Lover Boogie” Got turned on to these dudes a few months back, been Jonesing for em ever since. Full article coming in January. Links – Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook | Website . Küken – “I’m Not Fucked Up” Few bangers have been devastatingly overlooked more than Küken’s...
Willy Vanilla - "American Neck"

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck”

Willy Vanilla – “American Neck” By Jay Armstrong Willy Vanilla’s American Neck is lighthearted as hell. If only talent were allowed to speak in a space devoid of ego-maniacal ambitions more often. Every song has its own spine, its own strut. These guys aren’t trying to force an angle or end result. They don’t fall...
Nothing Instagram Takeover

Nothing Instagram Takeover

Photo by Ben Rayner Facebook || Instagram || Twitter || Bandcamp   With as many physical, mental and spiritual griefs as Domenic Palermo has been through, music and his band Nothing remain an incessant driving force. Growing up in North Philadelphia, Palermo delved into the city’s hardcore scene and in the early 2000’s formed punk/hardcore...
Damn Fine Music Fest: A Celebration of Twin Peaks at Cheer Up Charlies

Damn Fine Music Fest: A Celebration of Twin Peaks at Cheer Up Charlies

  Welcome to the town of Twin Peaks, director David Lynch’s fascinating and surreal TV show spanning three seasons over the last 28 years. Incorporating eerie and haunting visuals, a moody score by Angelo Badalamenti and a cast of intriguing characters, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty to reflect on and plot points that leave...
Borzoi's "Big Pink"

Borzoi’s “Big Pink”

Bandcamp || Facebook || Instagram   In today’s bombardment of social media and endless clicking and scrolling, creativity often gets lost amidst the mass of noise, apparently missing its mark if it’s not promoted while it’s hot. Following up to last year’s Surrender The Farm EP, Austin’s punk trio Borzoi’s upcoming full length, A Prayer for...
New Attractions - "Hole In My Heart"

New Attractions – “Hole In My Heart”

New Attractions – “Hole In My Heart” By Jay Armstrong   It is no secret that my love for The Rich Hands goes deep. Not a week passes without throwing on one of their records, especially Take Care, so hearing the New Attractions first release “Hole In My Heart” obviously hit with a blind force...
Ohmme Takeover

Ohmme Takeover

Photography: Alexa Viscius Website || Facebook || Instagram || Twitter   Full of sonic experimentations and rich arrangements, Ohmme (comprised of Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart) lays at the heart of Chicago’s music scene. Not one to follow in the footsteps of others, the duo successfully embark on their own path, capturing a significant energy...

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