D. face painT.ingS.

D. face painT.ingS.

Words: Fishspit   I was talkin’ to my dear pal Lil-e on the horn the other night… well …let’s start from the beginning. Lil-e’d sent me a letter where she said she was doing some “face painting” for this thing. I was like, “What the fuck? I need some explanation on this one.” So when...


accidents by C. H. Gorrie     Kneeling in the middle of my street, holding the unconscious man’s head, I was steeped in the stench of cheap vodka streaming from his mouth. His shallow breathing rattled like a failing engine as blood dribbled down his chin in splayed lines.   The accident happened so quickly,...
Dressing Up the Kitties by Daddy

Dressing Up the Kitties by Daddy

  How and why did life get so complicated . . . so difficult? Mental illness and booze have ravaged me since age 13. But I remember . . . god I remember. Younger days . . . maybe it was age 4 or 5. I’d go to see my cousin. She was the same...
Order Issue 5 "Consumed"

Order Issue 5 “Consumed”

  We’re back and at it with a new print zine! Issue 5 of ANON Magazine is out and features work from around the globe based on consumer culture and materialism –  “Consumed” includes photography, prose, written articles, and comics/art from multiple individual’s take on consumerism. We encourage you to think about the multitude of...
Order Issue 4 "You Can't Do That" and Cassette Tape

Order Issue 4 “You Can’t Do That” and Cassette Tape

  Hey all! Issue 4 of ANON Magazine is out and covers all things rebellious and revolutionary in nature! “You Can’t Do That” features photography, stories, articles, and illustrations from artists and creatives all over the globe. The zine has been hand bound for you with love by our awesome team. We have three special...
ORDER ISSUE 3 "The Book Of You"

ORDER ISSUE 3 “The Book Of You”

  Hey friends! Issue 3 of ANON is titled “The Book of You” and featured  the work of over a dozen international artists of all sorts. Not only is this mag about love, hate, sex, and relationships (stuff we can all relate to), but it is also being handmade for you as a BOOK! That’s...

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