Alex Paradox – Punks

Alex Paradox

Setting out to capture with nostalgic appreciation the staying gold glory days of Roberta Bayley and David Godlis when they first lit the eyeballs of the world on fire via those inky pages of Punk Magazine, the new series from Austin’s Alex Paradox, Punks, is a true to form reminder of how late seventies New York is the holiest of holy for still relevant inspiration and why transposing the ideology to our place now through noble appreciation under a skillfully directed lens becomes once more a transcendent snapshot of the everlasting beauty in greasy rebellion lifted by the optimistic wings of youthful conviction. Rock n roll—the strut, the spit, the fuck-all dichotomy—is the modern-day sword in the stone. Despite endless corporate suburban desperation, never has the spirit been reappropriated; the closest they ever got was probably Kim Wilde and she was cool as hell, not to mention anyone taking a brief look at the pinnacle of it all which remains eternally righteous—The Ramones— understands shunning capitalism has never been a prerequisite for legitimacy. Throwing a couple of pins into a denim jacket isn’t going to fool anyone.  You either got it or you don’t. Rare are the Arthurs in this world. This goes for both sides of the camera. Alex Paradox without a doubt has it.

Shot through 35mm on Tri-X, Paradox wanted to shoot at a location which spoke of order for the appropriate contrast in bringing out the aimed for message, going with the state capital after weighing all options. With help getting the look from Lauren Mahoney and Will Farr over at Oddball Vintage, featuring models Scotty the Dream and Karina Hernandez; we are completely in love with what came out of this project.

Alex Paradox is a self-taught photographer from Fort Worth, TX. He is currently working on a music video and album cover for Misfit Sorbet which will be here in April.

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