Hey guys, I make my records on my own, but when I play live, I play with a group of friends in my band.
Here’s a little bit about them and something they each wanted to share.

Gleb Wilson plays guitar in my band.
Here’s a photo Gleb wanted me to share for everyone

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 7.40.25 PM

Instagram: @guhleb


Conor Donaldson plays the drums in my band.
He wanted me to share this music video by a band called Coldplay. The song is called The Scientist.
He particularly wants people to pay attention to how everything is going backwards, but the lyrics are forward.

Instagram: @w33dk1ng

And finally, Michael Farsky plays bass in my band.
He wanted me to share this little dancy pup video and I guess an episode of a TV show called Warped Roadies


Instagram: @bbqsauceman69