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New Music: Tacocat - "Hologram"

New Music: Tacocat – “Hologram”

"Hologram" speaks to how our vantage point in life changes inescapably with time while the results of the finite feeling beneath it all remains the conclusion regardless of our ever shifting inner-zeitgeist. We find as the song develops the message to be solace found by accepting the idea of being ineffectual or complacent as largely...
SXSW Music: An Interview with Emily Nokes of Tacocat

SXSW Music: An Interview with Emily Nokes of Tacocat

  Upon listening to Tacocat, you can’t help but dance and groove along to their energetic power pop-punk tunes. Self described as “feminist sci-fi”, Tacocat’s quirky melodies and tongue in cheek feminist lyrics were a breath of fresh air last week at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Vocalist Emily Nokes took a moment to answer some...
Mixtape Monday: SXSW On Your Radar

Mixtape Monday: SXSW On Your Radar

  Bedsit Infamies – Adult Books Burn Masculinity – The Spook School Lemonheart – Dead Leaf Echo The Timebound Bloos – Crown Larks Hadavar Haamiti – Vaadat Charigim Nolsey – Sorority Noise Understanding Fruit – The Octopus Project Sunday is Monday at Midnight – The Stargazer Lilies Garbage on Glue – The Blind Shake Summertime...

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