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NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Christine Renner - "Drown"

NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: Christine Renner – “Drown”

Christine Renner's bold in broken places sentimental pop warmly spins the experience in the omnipresent naivety of youth while maintaining integrity worthy of introspective appreciation. Renner is an idealist shaping inflected lyrics into rich ambiguous lingering dream monuments to greater truths and devastating defeats, no truer is this statement than with her new single "Drown."...
Mixtape Monday - "Aunt Mable's Mixtape" by Nicholas Fong

Mixtape Monday – “Aunt Mable’s Mixtape” by Nicholas Fong

My Aunt Mable died when I was still pretty young, but her personality was big enough to leave an impact that will last a lifetime. She was a short, white haired, Cajun woman with alot of spunk. Most children in the family learned to curse from her, resulting in a mouth full of soap. Often...
NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: The Dead Coats - "Forsake My Name"

NEW MUSIC PREMIERE: The Dead Coats – “Forsake My Name”

Big things are on the way for The Dead Coats. This album will be as valid to where they are headed as all the wild shows and two great releases which came before it. No more and no less. After three years of digging this band, we are excited to bring you the first track...
Artist Spotlight: Inna Mosina

Artist Spotlight: Inna Mosina

"I do not feel separation on the basis of gender, age, religion, or nationality. I feel part and whole at the same time. My goal is to contribute to the world with the help of creativity. The power of women and the creation of a freedom, equality and inclusive world is the main theme and...
New Video: Sleaford Mods ft. Amy Taylor - "Nudge It"

New Video: Sleaford Mods ft. Amy Taylor – “Nudge It”

There are precisely two things we cannot get enough of lately; Amy Taylor (Amyl and the Sniffers) and pointed criticism aimed at socialite parasites destroying all we have found significant and substantial by their vein tourism. With "Nudge It" Sleaford Mods combine both with cutting perfection.
New Video: Casey Seymour - "Installations"

New Video: Casey Seymour – “Installations”

No one should be surprised by the well-deserved hype going Casey Seymour's way as the tickled ear smile crosses those first listening through his Hidden Hills EP. All that nice-guys-finish-last propaganda is simply not true; good people surface slowly with namasteic wholesome warmth so as to be less dramatic in how they get there is...
Our 100 Favorite Songs of 2020

Our 100 Favorite Songs of 2020

  Find part 1 (51-100) here. 50. Skyway Man – “Old Swingin’ Bell”The World Only Ends When You Die by Skyway Man 49. Tommy and the Commies – “Power on Standby”TOMMY AND THE COMMIES “Hurtin’ 4 Certain” EP by Tommy And The Commies 48. Thelma and the Sleaze – “Come Back Now” Turns out adjusting...
Our 100 Favorite Songs of 2020

Our 100 Favorite Songs of 2020

Find part two (1-50) here. 100. New Druids – “Hearts That Can Mend” Some of the bests from around town got together and shaped up an album with the same feel-good vibe the members themselves put off in real life. A much rarer feat than it should be. Looks like there are still a few...

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