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Bands On Our Radar: Muff's "East Side Love"

Bands On Our Radar: Muff’s “East Side Love”

  Welcome to the world of Muff, consisting of four pals that play catchy fuzz pop tunes together. Muff was first discovered at a house party in San Marcos, TX, back in 2014. The band has gained enormous strides since, releasing “An EP” recorded by Mich White of dogfight! recs in 2015, and recently released...
Free Free Dom Dom's "Fifteen Berlin"

Free Free Dom Dom’s “Fifteen Berlin”

You may recall Berlin-based band Free Free Dom Dom’s previous music video for “FFDD” that we featured a few months ago. The duo returns with their most recent music video entitled “Fifteen Berlin”, a DIY visual metaphor for those struggling and battling through depression. Members Little Voice and Philippe Duval were feeling in a funk...
Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

Mixtape Monday: Tracks In Your Town

  Meltin’ in the Moonlight – Delicate Boys Weed Sports – True Empty Don’t Ever Look Back – Zona Rosa Desire – Megafauna 27 28 29 – Movie the Band Kurikaesu Hubblesphere – Sho Galago Dress Me All in Black – Junkie Waste A’ Time – Invisible Sister  
Technicolor Hearts' "Would You Come Back to Me?"

Technicolor Hearts’ “Would You Come Back to Me?”

  Austin presents a warm home to creative electric dream-pop darlings Technicolor Hearts. Comprised of songwriter and vocalist Naomi Cherie and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Salazar, Technicolor Hearts knows how to weave soaring soundscapes and dazzling imagery into their music videos, as shown in their most recent “Would You Come Back to Me?”. Their video has a...
Night Out

Night Out

Photographer: Stefan Legacy ( Instagram ) Model: Heather Dee ( Instagram )   Based in Edmonton, AB, Stefan Legacy has been shooting film over the last three years and has grown to love candid film portrait photography. For his “Night Out” collection, Legacy used his point and shoot camera and ventured downtown with Heather to...


Fishspit resides in Bellevue, Washington, and has put out 65 issues of his zine, Wiseblood. He lives with his 19 year old, four and a half pound, deaf and demented cat and loves receiving mail. You can write to him at 1304 175th Pl. NE, Bellevue WA 98008.    


Photographer: Anna Tea ( Facebook )                    
Mixtape Monday: It's Yours to Destroy

Mixtape Monday: It’s Yours to Destroy

  Never Enough – American Grandma Fur Strip – The Girls Room All My Friends Live Underwater – Car Crash Sisters Only Animals – Hot Glass We Should Have Never Come Back Here – Jack Hardy Spill – Telephone Tag Flowery – Intenna Shoot You Down – Diving Bells  
Affaire d'Etat

Affaire d’Etat

Photography & Styling: 240 FOESC ( Instagram ) Gael Pineiro Beiras and Dara Hamarneh    Models: Rama Saffouri ( Instagram ) Rahim Sheriff Conteh ( Instagram ) Clothes: Stylist’s own                      


Photographer and Stylist: Brendan Gosse ( Instagram )   Brendan Gosse studied film production and advertising at Emerson College until realizing that his heart lies in New York City. He left Emerson College and enrolled in Broadway Dance Center to further his dance training. Since being in New York he works as an Art Director...
Mixtape Monday: Common Crush

Mixtape Monday: Common Crush

  Hamster Wheel – Desert Stars Oven – Miserable Rusty Knife – The Mad Doctors Vanity Daze – Sin Kitty Put in Safety Tape (demo) – Tired Magic Lydia – The Loving Memory Tongue – Fluffy Floor Swoon – Surf Club  
Film Review: Knight of Cups: We're All Islands... Some of Us Just Choose To Be

Film Review: Knight of Cups: We’re All Islands… Some of Us Just Choose To Be

  By the time you read this Knight of Cups will most likely be gone from theaters to make way for more starch filled pieces of waste such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and The Divergent Series: Allegiant. No one is surprised by our lack of intellectual interrogation, it disappoints me that the...

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